Parliamentarians Discuss Better Regulations

participants-mp-s-jti-officials-and-facilitatorsMalawian legislators from the Agriculture, Legal and Public Account Committee of Parliament are holding a seminar on Better Regulation for Economic Growth, in Mangochi.
The event, which is sponsored by Japan Tobacco International, is being led by an internationally recognized expert in Better Regulation, Nathan Frey of Regulatory Strategies and Solutions Group (RSS).
Opening the seminar Chairperson for Agriculture and Irrigation Dr. Joseph Chidanti-Malunga said the workshop was important because by its definition, Better Regulation supports quality of life, social cohesion and the rule of law, through enhanced transparency and public participation.

“I have read the concept of Better Regulation and I have come to appreciate that it supports initiatives to simplify the law and improve access to it. This seminar is very important to us as Members of Parliament because it is coming at a time when we are undertaking reforms.This government believes in business unusual and seminars like the one we are having help in entrenching in us the reforms being undertaken by government,” said Chidanti-Malunga.
Malunga further said the seminar has come at a time when players in the tobacco industry are pushing for the enactment of the Tobacco Bill
“This seminar present a forum through which we can network to see how best we moveforward on this very important Bill considering the importance that the crop has in oureconomy,” he said.
JTI Malawi Corporate Affairs and Communications Director Harold Msusa said the seminar’sobjectives was to strengthen the country’s regulatory capacities and improve the existing dialogue between private sector and government institutions for the development of lowercost and more effective regulations.
.“Better Regulation helps governments make better regulatory decisions based on information and empirical analysis about the potential consequences of government action.The aim of this workshop is to ensure that better policy options are chosen by establishing asystematic and consistent framework for assessing the potential impacts of governmentaction,” said Msusa.
JTI this year also sponsored Better Regulations seminar for Principal Secretaries fromgovernment ministries.

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