PAC Heading For A Fatal Crash

PAC: Heading for a fatal crash
The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) now needs to wise up and prevent itself from being exploited further by sinister interests.

For some years, the quasi-religious body has been used to push for some darker ulterior political agenda which has nothing to do with faith in God.

In the process, the body which was once highly respected has dragged itself to the lowest point of discredit. In fact, one social media comment said last week that these days, “whenever PAC is involved in something, just know it will be some stupid circus”.

That is not the way of PAC of 1993 and 1994. When Malawi Congress Party conspired to butcher the Catholic Bishops, PAC was a voice of reason.

Today, PAC has duped the Bishops to serve an MCP agenda of trying to take down Government unknown to the Bishops and other church leaders. The danger is that PAC is leading the Church to destruction because the Church will lose its moral voice.

Chakwera and PAC members
No wonder the exposure of the real political agenda has infuriated the deanery and bishopry of the Church.

This deception is an anathema hard to pardon. PAC has become a villain, exactly what the Book of Revelation calls “deceiver of the Church”. PAC has become the ancient serpent wearing robes of holiness while carrying death and destruction.

PAC should salvage its image and regain its stature as a non-partisan organization whose decisions are not based on whims of the ill-minded. 

The 50+1 political calamity should be its learning point. This is considering how some media outlets, so-called political analysts and Malawi Congress Party have treated the religious body as a punching bag for the failures of their ulterior motives hidden in the shadows of the bill. 

The 50+1 calamity has systematically destroyed all sense of reason that was left in some –that assumes there was anything left at all in them.

And for them PAC is all to blame. But how should it be that PAC is to blame?

Flashback: PAC Officials In A Meeting With Former President Joyce Banda
Days before the electoral reform bills were tabled in Parliament, PAC was organizing a demonstration to press for their tabling. From the start, PAC said it was pushing for the tabling of the electoral reforms bills.

When it later announced that the protest would also focus on social issues and leadership of the country, there was a sigh of disbelief among some because it smelt that the PAC agenda for the protest had been hijacked by some twisted political elements.
That PAC allowed this deals a rough blow to its image.

Government finally tabled the bills, including the 50+1. This is what PAC wanted. And PAC did the right thing by cancelling the demonstrations. That is because its objective had been met.

That is why the persecution of PAC by analysts, the media and Malawi Congress Party because the religious body cancelled the demonstrations is a load of garbage. PAC’s objective had been met and they had no further reason to go ahead with the demonstration.

It is that plain.

What would be the purpose of holding a demonstration for the tabling of 50+1 bill when the bill was already in Parliament?

The bill eventually got defeated in Parliament. And PAC is being persecuted – that it should have gone on with the protest. Everyone is playing ‘we-told-you’ line. This is very illogical.

Did PAC have any role to play once the bill was in Parliament?  Would the protests have changed the outcome of the bill in Parliament? Was how the bill would be debated any issue for PAC?

PAC should at this point understand that it is being persecuted not necessarily on issues to do with the bill but on other issues that may not be in the public interest. PAC is being used.

PAC needs to asses itself. It needs to understand that it is being pushed down the cliff by forces that want to use it for their own individual gain.

PAC needs to regain its strong moral fibre of old and stop bowing down to partisan, anti-government interests. Or the road to its fatal crash will be a painful one.

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  1. Guza   December 19, 2017 at 5:33 pm

    Kodi MCP opanda PAC iyoyo ilibe coti ingamawauze anthu? Ntchito infighting basi? Koma if the opposition means MCP ndiye they will warm opposition benches forever.


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