Oops!Senior Lawyers Fight: Kanyenda Stands Up To MCP’s Gift Mwakhwawa

Gift Mwakhwawa: MCP symphasizer

[06/07/2018, 21:01:37] David Kanyenda: Declare your political allegiance so that we engage openly..This ain’t a political forum inu..

[06/07/2018, 22:05:39] Gift Mwakhwawa: Am yet to be sure. One thing I know is DPP is theiving. Am sure you were running for a position to correct things. Because if they were okay why fix it when it’s not broken?
David. Don’t fight you can’t win this one Sir.
Gloves off? You want that with me?

[06/07/2018, 22:14:42] David Kanyenda: If you’re politically objective then at least you will endeavour to discuss all major political players. Not just anti DPP rhetoric.MCP and UDF have thieved too.Running for office doesn’t mean things are necessarily broken.With or without gloves we can engage.I think you’re of a different political persuasion than mine yet you pretend to be politically neutral and righteous

[06/07/2018, 22:16:03] Bright Theu: Every comment and every one is seen with political lens

[06/07/2018, 22:16:50] Gift Mwakhwawa: Very intelligent response. They need that in DPP. It’s my hope you will be appointed to the position. It’s sad it could not be left to voting.
Remember me in your kingdom for SC sir, after you. Please

David Kanyenda: DPP symphasizer

[06/07/2018, 22:16:55] David Kanyenda: Especially when political parties are expressly mentioned

[06/07/2018, 22:17:32] Bright Theu: so a mention of DPP in bad light means you are MCP or Chilima

[06/07/2018, 22:17:37] Bright Theu: thats the logic of the day

[06/07/2018, 22:17:48] Bright Theu: or the mention of the so called adadi

[06/07/2018, 22:20:15] David Kanyenda: Whether or not am appointed to any NGC position won’t detract my commitment to my values.I won’t divulge the specifics of Convention politics.I will defer to you :take silk first after all I didn’t find you in law school

[06/07/2018, 22:21:51] Gift Mwakhwawa: Teacher,
Please help me learn your values so I can tread on your footsteps
On my knees I beg.

[06/07/2018, 22:23:29] David Kanyenda: Unless you join our party you won’t learn our political values

[06/07/2018, 22:24:30] +265 888 35 72 02 : Ma cadet mwakumana

[06/07/2018, 22:25:16] +265 999 41 42 53 : Ena ndi ma cadet, ena ma constable anenso ma mercenary. Zabwinobwino

[06/07/2018, 22:25:16] David Kanyenda: Ife we’re openly DPP enawa akuti ndi neutral😂😂

[06/07/2018, 22:25:40] Gift Mwakhwawa: To join Master please update me on the two arrests you have had , full and frank disclosure, what happened and what is happening as at now.
I feel there are haters out there for you.
I want to learn how to deal with haters.
Please Teacher.

[06/07/2018, 22:26:04] Bright Theu: eish, tikagone

[06/07/2018, 22:26:22] Bright Theu: ngati zili choncho, tachepa nazo

[06/07/2018, 22:26:41] +265 996 00 62 26 : Kwayamba kuvungidwa zikwapa..

[06/07/2018, 22:26:44] David Kanyenda: Find out from those who arrested me

[06/07/2018, 22:26:47] +265 888 35 72 02 : Uta ndi muvi

[06/07/2018, 22:27:27] +265 888 35 72 02 : Mwayamba kubayana ndi mipaliro

[06/07/2018, 22:27:54] +265 996 00 62 26 : Lero SC ali kotsegulira Sabata palibe olelesa😏

[06/07/2018, 22:28:02] Gift Mwakhwawa: No Teacher when you are here, I need no hearsay.
You are safe among brothers and sisters.
After all you should be winning us to your side, the DPP. Your Home.

[06/07/2018, 22:29:07] David Kanyenda: No joy for you.

[06/07/2018, 22:29:30] Gift Mwakhwawa: Teacher abdicate not.

[06/07/2018, 22:30:07] David Kanyenda: Senior Counsel you ought to be better informed

[06/07/2018, 22:30:23] +265 999 78 13 97 : Iyiyi palibe angaleletse
[06/07/2018, 23:05:52] Gift Mwakhwawa: I know your bone. They die knowing but fighting.
Davide…step aside.
The president of DPP and the party are being accused of theiving, you are not a thief but have been arrested twice on kindled allegations and you are sure there should be publicity that one with such an allegation over his head is a Legal mwakati?
Davide no.

[06/07/2018, 23:11:58] +265 995 49 95 20 : Basi basi

[06/07/2018, 23:12:15] Gift Mwakhwawa: David?
Do you think if we as lawyers had a proper peer discipline you would still ha

ve a license to practice in this country? As
For me I think they would have kicked me out.
Goodnight Teacher.

[06/07/2018, 23:12:43] David Kanyenda: Step aside from?Forget it..Am in throughout..and there has been enough publicity already..If convention takes place again tomorrow I will contest..

[06/07/2018, 23:14:38] David Kanyenda: Am sure many lawyers would have been kicked out too..but those of us whose matters have earned publicity might appear to be the worst..so many machinations are at play

[06/07/2018, 23:16:31] Gift Mwakhwawa: Yes Teacher, selective Justice. I have never understood why Muhome appears so clean, the Allan boy Teacher, even this Njobvu and Tisume, they bribe their clients.

[06/07/2018, 23:17:38] David Kanyenda: Don’t drag others..tithane inu ndi one.. you’re clean at all..

[06/07/2018, 23:17:53] David Kanyenda: Rather you aren’t clean at all

[06/07/2018, 23:18:54] Gift Mwakhwawa: No Chief am no match for you, please spare my life you are DPP, am no party yet please sir I have a young child

[06/07/2018, 23:21:16] David Kanyenda: I said you are not clean as youre pretending…don’t tell me about your kids..nanga tikambe za ana akunjila pano

[06/07/2018, 23:22:28] David Kanyenda: Maybe you haven’t been arrested or haven’t appeared in the papers but you’re just as rotten to the marrow

[06/07/2018, 23:22:47] Pangano Bonongwe: Admin can you form another group please

[06/07/2018, 23:23:38] Gift Mwakhwawa: Please Teacher talk about them, I have 3 ana akunjira. I still think I need another girl. 🙈 just today a girlfriend said 2 days without . No worry God Grant’s these souls

[06/07/2018, 23:23:58] +265 999 20 03 05 : Tapangani form inuyo. Sizoletsa. Mukakhala admin ndi malamulo anu.

[06/07/2018, 23:24:33] David Kanyenda: You have 3..I know only Esthers

[06/07/2018, 23:25:28] Zumbe Kumwenda: Komatu penapake akuluakulu… Really cease fire. If you have to bring children, wives etc pa group pa. Not ayoba at all.

[06/07/2018, 23:25:51] Gift Mwakhwawa: 3 others boy you too small, find out the second largest city in Holland, he is turning 11 December this year

[06/07/2018, 23:25:59] Pangano Bonongwe: Sizoonayi akuluakulu

[06/07/2018, 23:27:41] +265 888 20 77 74 : Koma penapake…

[06/07/2018, 23:27:43] +265 999 78 13 97 : Izizi SC anayesela kale kupanga…

[06/07/2018, 23:28:27] +265 999 41 42 53 : Asafuna atuluke. Siza mother theresa apa

[06/07/2018, 23:30:48] Gift Mwakhwawa: David you stole from clients. That’s a fact. You are a thief. You he belongs to jail. You only are safe because the justice system is broken. You only have your licence because the disciplinary process is broken.
That’s what I have learnt for
Your escapades and in DPP boy your are home.

[06/07/2018, 23:30:57] +265 999 38 53 83 : Apapa zafika pa ang’alura

[06/07/2018, 23:30:57] David Kanyenda: Ma corruption ali thoo.. koma busy kunena anzanu

[06/07/2018, 23:31:32] Bright Theu: Basi bwa

[06/07/2018, 23:31:37] Bright Theu: Ndunjenjemera

[06/07/2018, 23:31:43] Bright Theu: Mantha

[06/07/2018, 23:31:50] David Kanyenda: It’s your opinion .it’s not a fact.I think you should have been to jail earlier

[06/07/2018, 23:32:02] Gift Mwakhwawa: Bring it on boy above I have given it to you.

[06/07/2018, 23:32:57] Gift Mwakhwawa: Name it bring it on. Bring it on you theiving guys bring it on.
[06/07/2018, 23:33:11] David Kanyenda: Ku Law society..all those monies you were offering us to settle cases after bribing Judges

[06/07/2018, 23:33:12] +265 999 51 50 39 : 🗡🗡🗡🔗🔗🔗⚔⚔??????

[06/07/2018, 23:34:07] +265 996 00 62 26 : Zayamba kuopsa ukhoze kupezeka watchulidwapo apa

[06/07/2018, 23:34:14] David Kanyenda: You may not have been arrested but it don’t make you clean

[06/07/2018, 23:35:10] Bright Theu: What if all this went out of this forum folks.

Can we listen to SC’s entreaties

[06/07/2018, 23:35:31] Gift Mwakhwawa: Hahahaha! Bring it on, Paula,Alide, Feli, Bright, Khumbo, Tambulasi, Muhome,
Hear Hear,
Time to hang a thief.

[06/07/2018, 23:37:19] David Kanyenda: Nanga zama bribes sitiyankha eti


2018, 23:38:27] David Kanyenda: Muliratu ankolo..tiyeni nazoni..

[06/07/2018, 23:39:36] David Kanyenda: You Gifiti aren’t a paragon of professional virtue..usanamize anthu apa

[06/07/2018, 23:40:04] Gift Mwakhwawa: Am going to sleep. But you are the cadet am going to pay a lot of money just for the safety of this nation.
I don’t know what Kanyongolo was thinking in that year.

[06/07/2018, 23:42:14] David Kanyenda: Don’t drag others into the equation..leave the professor alone..he got nothing to do with this..Am a DPP member..proudly and openly so..Money mwati?..ndalama sizilankhulatu

[06/07/2018, 23:43:12] Gift Mwakhwawa: Sadly Machika was gone. Boy you, even without proof of wrong on your part, you have shamed us as lawyers bigger than no other in these recent times.
Please keep a proper record of this trail.

[06/07/2018, 23:47:43] David Kanyenda: Inu I was admitted into law school on merit ..I didn’t kill Machika.. and after Machikas demise many others have made it into law school..I would rather bear my cross ..some SC was actually convicted and amenewo sanakuchititseni manyazi? ..you’re aren’t a paragon of ethical prudence Gifiti.Period.Quit pretending.

[06/07/2018, 23:51:03] Gift Mwakhwawa: Davide let the court house under the Kachere tree decide, either in your favor or mine or indeed contributory negligence at 99/1 in. Your favor?
Bwana wankulu gonani.

[06/07/2018, 23:54:46] David Kanyenda: Don’t bwana me..ine ndikaope court..?..

[06/07/2018, 23:54:55] Gift Mwakhwawa: Koma penapache timayamba kuopa ma colleague oti ndiowononga mu mphikaw🙈🙈🙈🤣🙈🙈

[06/07/2018, 23:56:41] David Kanyenda: You folks have messed up the group with your personal and political jibes..phunzilani ulemu mwamva.. nafe tinakulira mu town ..mukafuna phuzo tikuyankhani chimodzimodzi

[06/07/2018, 23:58:14] Gift Mwakhwawa: Uyu Kanyenda wawononga ngati lisitoni wa Chilembwe. Baba izi asiyireni ma lawyer eni ake. Inu lowani chipani mukapange zanu zijja za zisankho

[06/07/2018, 23:58:19] David Kanyenda: Tiyeni tidzicheza za ulawyer pano..politics is divisive..daily tidzingoyambana pano

[07/07/2018, 00:00:01] David Kanyenda: Ku chipani or ndale ma lawyers aliko mpweche..I can do both politics and law..or just one..it’s up to me..kodi inu mesa munali lawyer wa NDA.. what s the big deal

[07/07/2018, 00:01:33] Gift Mwakhwawa: I have received good advice to leave you alone Davide.
Not sure if you have received the same advice.
As such I heed the advice and I now leave you to your very good reputation.
Keep it up boy. DPP needs you.

[07/07/2018, 00:05:36] David Kanyenda: Mukufuna parting shot eti?..
Mundiyankhulitsa pambali mwamva..All i say is leave DPP alone.DPP needs a lot of voters including me… Mwakula and therefore be courteous to junior counsel
[07/07/2018, 07:16:23] Kalekeni Kaphale: Happy Sabbath to all. Enjoy the day and its avails. Those catching up on work, please do so thoughtfully, and such of you as will play or pray , enjoy the experience. Whatever the case, seize the day!

[07/07/2018, 08:27:14] Kalekeni Kaphale: I remember in 1991 when we joined the bar aged 22, there were murmurs about kids joining the sacred profession, and, will they manage? unfortunately on this group its not the kids that kick the dust, it’s guys circa 40. What mentorship are we imparting? would the kids be proud of you and accord you due respect if they read what you wrote?

[07/07/2018, 08:28:44] Kalekeni Kaphale: they dont even listen to an SC’s cry for a ceasefire. mwabanthu machitika uri? nkharo iheni lekani
or some of us grew up kuweta goats and cows and pick fights easily?

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