Some opposition Malawi Congress Party Members of Parliament on Monday openly defied their president Lazarus Chakwera by sleeping in the August House as he delivered his response to President Peter Mutharika’ State of the Nation Address.

Sitting not very far from Chakwera, the MPs did not care to listen to their president but found themselves in dreamland where perhaps they became billionnaires.

And in his speech, Chakwera did not say anything new. He gave a recycled statement which he has always given since he went to Parliament four years ago.

Instead of responding to the issues Mutharika highlighted in his address, Chakwera spent his time making same attacks he has always done to Mut harika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party. He listed down some of the promises made by the DPP in 2014. He remarks on some cases which are still being investigated by the police.

“The statement given by Honourable Chakwera was empty in that it was a repeat of what he has always said before. He diverted from the critical issues in the president’s statement. It was a lost opportunity, ” said a political analyst who refused to be named.

The analyst also said Chakwera’ speech was full of hate and jealousy.

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