October 17 By-Elections: DPP Candidate Passes Nomination Test… As PP Candidate Sent Back For Late Coming

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidate for Ndirande-Makata Ward, Thom Lita Friday successfully presented his nomination papers becoming the first person to pass the test after People’s Party Mathews Shawa was sent back for arriving at the center late.

Accompanied by Party supporters and Parliamentarian for Ndirande Malabada constituency Aaron Sangala, Lita was confirmed by MEC Returning Officer, Charles Chaima as suitable candidate for the October 17th by-elections.

“I hereby declare Thom Lita as a rightful DPP candidate having successfully provided us with the necessary documents,” Chaima said and the news was greeted with cheers from DPP supporters.

Speaking later in an interview, Lita said he was happy to have passed the test as that symbolized his real candidature for the upcoming elections.

“The battle has started, from today onwards there is no time to rest,” he said.

Asked why he decided to contest in the elections and what he would do to people of the area, Lita said his main focus would be to speak for the youth and ensure that they take part in developing this nation.

“I am a young man and I would like to use my position as councilor to engage the youth in all activities that are of beneficial to this  area and in particular this country,” Lita explained.

He further said he would like to help the government of Prof. Peter Mutharika in uplifting people’s standard of living in the country.

“DPP is a development driven government and I would like to be part of this development conscious party,” he said in brief.

Thom Lita is 38 years and has three children.

Chaima told Mana that having passed the test, Lita will therefore represent the DPP party in the coming October elections.

In another development, the presentation of nomination papers was not short of drama as People’s Party (PP) candidate, Mathews Shawa was sent back for arriving late.

Shawa was allocated one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 as time to present his nomination papers but instead he arrived around 9:45, 15 minutes late.

Upon arrival at Ndirande Makata Primary School, Shawa was told by the Returning officer, Charles Chaima that his time was up.

“We are sorry you have to come back at 2:30 pm because your time is up,” Chaima told Shawa.

After the news, Shawa – who was not accompanied by any party supporter other than the driver- rushed to his Toyota Hilux shouting, “I will come again”

In an interview, Chaima told Mana that every candidate was allocated 60 minutes and messages were sent to them to keep time.

“I called Shawa this morning and his phone went unanswered and was later switched off. Therefore, we couldn’t allow him to register as that would have brought confusion since another candidate was on his way,” he explained.

Ndirande Makata ward is one of the centers where by-elections will take place, and four candidates representing Malawi Congress Party, PP, United Democratic Front and DPP will compete for the seat of councillor. (By Solister Mogha, Mana)


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