Nzika Arts Adds Colour To Miss Blantyre 2017 Finale

Nzika’s Mwai and Sheena

Barely hours to the grand finale for the glamorous Miss Blantyre beauty pageant, the organisers have received a massive timely boost as Nzika Arts joins the party with touch of the local identity to the event concept. Nzika Arts which is among the leading brands in Malawi as far as fashion is concerned decided to support Miss Blantyre 2017 by decorating it in a theme that aligns with their brand ethics which according to them strike the identity juice in Miss Blantyre.

“Well, Miss Blantyre has been around for quite some time and as Nzika we have heard calls from the media where organisers have appealed for corporate and individual support. However, our key interest has been how the pageant remains relevant to the citizens of this country as evident in a category called Zachimalawi where the contestants shall parade strictly everything Malawian” Said Mwai and Sheena Namaona together through a questionnaire responded to this publication.

They added “Nzika is a brand that provides services that benefit the same people that will attend Miss Blantyre. We therefore realised that helping aside, we also have to add colour to something as big as Miss Blantyre and let the people go home with memories of the home, memories of Malawi, based on the look and feel of the event in terms of decoration plus general look and feel”

Commenting on Nzika’s gesture, Miss Blantyre Team Leader for the Modelling and Fashion section, Ms. Priscilla Nyirenda said Nzika is a veteran brand in terms of fashion and decoration themes. Therefore, in her words, they will definitely be an ice on the cake of the event and spoke as being impatient to be inside the haven atmosphere.

Nyirenda also hinted that fans should prepare for pictures on the night as they will mount up a photobooth for their smartly and elegantly dressed audience.


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