Nurses Council Warns Against Taking, Sharing of Accident Pictures

The Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi (NMCM) has threatened to de-register any of its practicing health workers found taking and sharing pictures of victims both at the scene of accidents and hospitals.

In a published statement, NMCM Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Isabella Msolomba-Musisi said the malpractice was morally, ethically and professionally wrong, besides causing more psychological trauma to the relatives of the concerned victims.

“To the Nursing and Midwifery fraternity-if found conducting yourself in such malpractice you will summarily be deregistered by NMCM,” said Dr. Msolomba-Musisi in the statement.

Of late, gruesome pictures of accident victims have found their way into social media platforms, a situation that has also attracted concerns from other sectors of the society.

However, the situation is likely to change with the newly introduced Online Transaction Law, which among others, it is empowering an individual to demand monitory compensation, through the court of law, from anyone feeding unsolicited electronic content such as pictures.

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