Ntaba Backs Wife’s Involvement With UTM, Calls It Political Tolerance

Ntaba’s wife Noria: Now with UTM

Senior ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member and presidential advisor on local policies Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has said all is well with his wife joining Vice President Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) calling it a sign of political tolerance.

Recently, Ntaba’s wife who is popularly known as Namoyo has been seen attending UTM rallies whilst in movement’s colours.

“Don’t you have different  opinions? Spouces have different opinions on issues and politics, so it is not an issue. People are allowed to differ and we all have freedom to hold different opinion that’s political tolerance. People have different political views that’s the values of democracy,” said Ntaba cementing that all is well with his wife.

Ntaba’s family is a replica of the Kaliati family which has husband Angie  and wife Patricia holding different political views but still living intact.

However, Kaliati got a public ridicule  from DPP regional governor (South) Charles Mchacha.

During a public rally in Mulanje addressed by President Peter Mutharika, Mchacha told the rally that Mulanje Mulanje Pasani legislator Angie Kaliati married a foolish woman.

In vernacular Mchacha said: “Ndaona pompano a Kaliati a amuna ali pompano taimani anthu akuoneni, nthawi zina munthu umatha kukwatira chitsiru chokumwa madzi ometera.”

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  1. Charles Maretho   August 21, 2018 at 3:21 am

    This movement is abit different from what we used to have. Let’s give them chance to display and implement what they have for better Malawi. We are hard workers but still dying in poverty. Bravo UTM


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