Nsonda spits fire: JB should tell his boys to tone down or I will finish their already-dying party

ken-nsondaProminent politician Kenneth Nsonda who has just resigned from Peoples Party has warned Joyce Banda’s boys on social media to stop attacking him for his decision or else he is going to render them a torrid time by exposing their leader.
Nsonda resigned from PP on Tuesday night saying he needs to reflect on his political journey ahead of the 2019 parliamentary race in Rumphi East constituency.
Following his decision, one PP loudmouth Gerald Kampanikiza and friends went hard on Nsonda insulting him and accusing him of being bought by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) at a whooping amount of K12 million.
Nsonda- who has strong religious links as a Christian- has however chosen to be quiet for some hours only to emerge with scathing attacks of his own towards those that are selling what he calls lies.
“Be careful with your battles because I have the powers to finish your party and its founder. I know a lot and JB can attest to this so it is unfair that kids like these should say foolish and ignorant things. Who is Kampanikiza to try and define me and my integrity?” queried Nsonda in an exclusive interview after it was put to him that his name is being dragged into mud.
The former PP spokesperson made it clear that he is ready to lose his respect for elders –JB in this case- if her boys continue taking him for a ride.
“I have never been bought and I believe those who appreciate my services cannot degrade me by attaching a cost to my political career. From my days in United Democratic Front and PP I have never made a decision based on monetary gains. Be warned that I cannot take this lying down,” he said.
As if concurring with Nsonda, one PP member of parliament who spoke on condition of anonymity asked his fellow members to stop attacking their former colleague after his decision to leave.
“It is his democratic right so we should give him that space to express his freedoms. PP is a party that is founded on these values so please let the good man have his peace.”
Rumphi East was won by PP Vice President Kamlepo Kalua at the 2014 polls in a race that Nsonda also contested.
He has made it clear that he wants to floor Kamlepo Kalua in 2019, a move that has weighed in on his decision to quit the PP.

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