Nsanje MPs Thom Kamangira, Joseph Chidanti Under Fire Over Nsanje-Marka M1 Road

Nsanje-Marka Road

Nsanje South and Nsanje South West Parliamentarians are under fire for alleged failing to push for a good road network involving the 27 kilometer Nsanje-Marka Road which is currently in very bad shape.

Concerned constituents including the business community on Monday faulted their parliamentarians Thom Kamangira and Dr Joseph Chidanti whom they said are not doing enough to press government to work on the road which is currently almost impassable.

They said the development has affected their economic activities as they cannot do business as was the case when the road was in good condition.

“The situation has been worsened by heavy rains that have resulted in some parts of the road becoming impassable. Currently, it is not easy for us to do our economic activities as the road cannot allow us to do so.

“Looking at the condition of the road, one cannot think that we have members of parliament who put the lives of the constituents at heart. They will pay dearly come 2019,” warned one of the businessmen speaking anonymously.

However, recently the two legislators while acknowledging that the road is in poor state trashed the people’s claims saying efforts have been made to address the concern.

Nsanje South Parliamentarian Thom Kamangira dismissed the people’s sentiments saying he has been pushing for the same in parliament.

Kamangira said such work cannot be implemented using the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) saying such big projects require huge sums of money thus urged people to be patient saying government already has plans to address the problem.

On his part Nsanje South West Parliamentarian Dr Joseph Chidanti said the concerns are genuine however, they have always been committed to have the road upgraded.

He said as MPs for the area, they pushed for the passing of bill number 10 of 2015 authorizing government to borrow cash amounting to K 16 billion for the implementation of flood recovery projects including the road in question.

Meanwhile trucks carrying relief food items are stuck at Nsanje Boma owing to impassability of the poor Nsanje-Marka Road.

Nsanje Marka road is an M1 Road which connects to Mozambique in the Southern Region and Tanzania in the Northern Region. (Martin Chiwanda, Mana)

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