NRB Charges K2, 500 For National ID Replacement

Malawians who have lost their National Identity Cards should prepare to pay K2 500 for replacement. National Registration Bureau (NRB) spokesperson Norman Fulatira said in an interview that those who lost their IDs can now start applying for replacement at K2, 500 fee.
“ID replacements will start from next week as letters notifying the District Commissioners have already been sent. Those who lost their IDs can now come to the NRB district offices for replacement at K2, 500,” said Fulatira on Tuesday.

But he said correcting errors which were made by the NRB during the registration exercise will be done for free while mistakes made by the clients will attract a K2 500 fee. Fulatira said: “Apart from the errors or mistakes made by NRB during the registration process which will be corrected for free, those who made mistakes themselves will have to pay the same K2, 500 for replacements.”

He advised those who would want to replace their lost IDs to get a police report before visiting the NRB offices. Fulatira said it would take a month to collect the replaced ID.

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  1. Spk   April 19, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Talankhulani za ife amene sitinalandire aaaaah! Chaka chatha mpaka pano? Mzobowa


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