Noose Tightens Around Chakwera’s Neck; District Chairmen Intensify Battle To End His Rule As Powerhouse Daniel Mlomo Joins The Rebellion

The Press Conference In Progress
The Press Conference In Progress

After successfully obtaining a court injunction stopping MCP President Lazarus Chakwera from firing senior members of the party, five district chairmen from the Southern Region have warned against continued disrespect of the party constitution.

The disgruntled lot have further asked Chakwera to step down and page way for new leadership which will accommodate pluralistic views from within the fold.

The five are Denis Nathumba- Regional Chairperson South, Bauleni Mkweza -Regional Chairperson Lakeshore, Stowel Kalizinga Gondwe -Regional Chairperson North, James Bazaar Kaunda -Regional Chairperson North South and Daniel Mlomo -Regional Chairperson Central.

Their calls – during a press conference they held in Blantyre on Wednesday- come as solidarity to Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo who just last week penned Chakwera accusing him of dictatorial tendencies.

Led by suspended Daniel Mlomo, the contingent outlined a list of anomalies associated with Chakwera’s leadership.

Prominent among the lot of issues are; Chakwera running the party as a personal estate while surrounding himself with relations in key positions and concentrating power in the Central Region especially Lilongwe where most appointments seem to come from.

Another issue of importance to Chakwera’s critics is that he has lost respect for the party founders and all former leaders namely; Kamuzu Banda, Gwanda Chakuamba and John Tembo.

Mlomo accuses Chakwera of openly challenging his critics that he is a different person and cannot run MCP as the previous leaders who he says lacked good skills to lead the country’s main opposition party.

Since some members were either suspended or fired weeks ago, MCP has been a perpetually cracking entity that is on the verge of collapse.

It is this tension that has heightened calls for Chakwera to pave way for new leadership proposedly Morgan Tembo, son to JZU.

2 Responses to "Noose Tightens Around Chakwera’s Neck; District Chairmen Intensify Battle To End His Rule As Powerhouse Daniel Mlomo Joins The Rebellion"

  1. OKUMUDZU KO CHATATA   September 23, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Njosayamba iyi. Maina ayamba kutululuka tsopano ndi ma Political Heavy Weights that requires a lot of stamina

  2. Peter Phiri   September 27, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    Chakwera has lost direction and he is behaving like a Dictator. This so called man of the collar, has no morals or principals. He is busy firing the people that kept the Party from 1994 to the time he took over. Had it not been for these old guards keeping the Party intact, would he have found the party, which he eventually took over? He is so obsessed with becoming President, and not to serve the poor masses. Time will tell, as he is on the way out. Some credible person will soon take over, and I can assure you some of us are on our way to the DPP.


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