Nepman Thrills Zoona Community Outreach Campaign

Nepman distributes a t-shirt to one of the patrons

Zoona’s Lilongwe city outreach tour brings along a special treat to the patrons with Nepman’s performances and appearances.

The lanky dreadlocked Award winning Secular artist of the year made 10 minute sets in all sites that he visited in Biwi, Area 23, and area 36 and distributed T-shirts to some of the patrons.

“I came here around 9 o’clock to charge my phone, and little did I know that just an hour later I will be watching my best artist. I had a great time today seeing Nepman live perfoming Nalero”, said Sekani Mangulenje, a 23 year old young man who was one of the hundreds that patronized the Biwi surprise Nepman appearance.

“It’s a huge opportunity for me to be associated with Zoona’s campaign and hearing

Sandram: We meet and interact with our customers and would be customers
Colourful: Nepman captured with a Zoona official during the event

that atleast 550 jobs have been created courtesy of Zoona”, NepMan said.

He said as youths, that also form a huge part of his fanbase, are now able to support themselves and their families because of Zoona.

Zoona’s marketing Manager Mphatso Sandram said this community outreach is a part of a campaign which started with Blantyre weeks ago.

“Moments like these are key, we meet and interact with our customers and would be customers, giving them an opportunity to learn more about what we are offering”, Sandram said.


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