Ndirande Ndirandile: Nankhumwa Storms Ndix Sunday…Dan Lu, Tay Grin To Perform

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party vice president for the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa is this Sunday back into political business.

The place is Nyambadwe school ground in Ndirande.

And Ndirande is christened ‘the political barometer’.

The political barometer; once accepted in Ndirande you are accepted in Malawi. Once rejected in Ndirande, you are rejected in Malawi- goes the belief, and this is the arena Nankhumwa is taking his blue parade.

Along him is the region’s governor, the outspoken Charles Mchacha.

The duo have taken the Southern Region by storm since Nankhumwa, who is also Mulanje Central Parliamentarian and Local Government and Rural Development Minister, was elected Vice President for the Region.

This will be the third rally in Blantyre alone within the space of two months after Bangwe and Mpemba.

Since his election, Nankhumwa has been to almost all districts in the South.

His message has been simple: “Unity of purpose is all we need to win the 2019 elections”

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