Ndirande-Malabada MP Aaron Sangala Prays For Good Working Relationship Between MPs & Councillors

Sangala- in glasses – and other DPP officials accompanied their candidate Lita.

Parliamentarian for Ndirande Malabada Aaron Sangala has appealed to Members of Parliament (MPs) in the country to unite and work together with councilors.

Sangala made the appeal Friday at Makata Primary School in Blantyre after Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) shadow councilor Thom Lita presented his nomination papers for the October 17 Ndirande-Makata by–elections.

He said councilors were not enemies of MPs but rather development partners.

“Both of us have the common interest to promote and improve the life of Malawians through various developmental projects. That is why we need to work as a team,” Sangala said.

The legislator condemned the conduct of some MPs of sidelining councilors in development and others activities for the alleged fear of losing their seats saying that such thinking was retrogressive.

“Parliamentarians should not fear of losing their seats to councilors. They are just our supporters as they reach where we cannot reach,” Sangala said.

He said by escorting the DDP shadow councilors Lita to a center where he presented his nomination papers, he wanted to set the pace for a good working relationship between MPs and Councilors. (By Solister Mogha, Mana)





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