Mutharika Launches 500 Malawian Villages Satellite TV Project (Speech)


Mutharika switches off the satellite to mark the official launch of the project

I am delighted to be here this afternoon to officially launch the ‘500 Malawian Villages Satellite TV Project”.
Malawi is migrating into the digital world. And I want everyone to be part of this migration. I want both urban and rural communities to join the digital migration.

Our goal is to make all communities access digital information for their learning, exposure and decision making.
People need the right information to make the right decisions. When people have information, they make informed decisions and participate effectively in development.

Therefore, I want rural Malawians to have access to information.
For this cause, we are extending the optic fibre network across Malawi to provide affordable, reliable and fast internet. We need to modernise our rural communities.

Today, we are launching the Satellite TV Project as part of modernising Malawi program.
This project will provide an opportunity to our people in rural areas to watch various satellite TV channels as their urban counterparts.

This project is in about 30 African countries. Malawi is one of them. This project is a demonstration of the people-to-people friendship between China and Malawi. Here in Malawi, we are implementing the Satellite TV Project in 500 villages across the country.

Slowly, we are taking development to the people. It is fro this reason that we have brought rural growth centres to the people of Malomo in Ntchisi. We are bringing more rural growth centres to Nthalire in Chitipa, Chapananga in Chikwawa, and Mkanda in Mchinji.

I want us to take development to every village, and every community. That is why we are constructing roads in rural areas. We are bringing electricity to rural trading centres. We are bringing water supply systems to villages.

We are bringing community colleges to rural communities. I want every citizen, every community to be part of development.
As I conclude, I would like to thank the People’s Republic of China for their support on this project. I also want to acknowledge Star Times for implementing this project.

With these remarks, I now declare the 500 Malawian Villages Satellite Television Project officially launched.

Thank you!
God bless you all!
And God bless Malawi.

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