Mutharika Asks Malawians Not To Be Despondent

President Mutharika After Receiving An Award
President Mutharika After Receiving An Award

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday urged Malawians at all levels of society to be hopeful and work together to address the country’s challenges.

“Be it at village, district or national level, let us stop being pessimistic all the time. Let us look to the future with hope. Only then shall we move forward,” Mutharika said.

He said Malawians were capable of acting on their own to address the country’s challenges without relying on others. But he said it was important for the people to be optimistic if that was to happen.

Mutharika was speaking in New York, USA, when he met Malawian journalists covering the 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

“We need to have hope and confidence. These are key. If we lose them, we have lost it,” he said.

On food, Mutharika said it was important that Malawi promotes irrigation to find a lasting solution to  food shortages that sadly occur each year, forcing government to provide relief food again and again.

“Let us change our mentality of relying on the central government for everything,” he said.

Mutharika said although his administration was doing everything to address the country’s challenges, the responsibility of finding solutions did not rest with government alone.

“It is for all of us,” he said.

Mutharika has fulfilled a number of engagements while in the USA, all for the good of the nation. He also addressed the General Assembly and in his speech, highlighted some of Malawi’s achievements.

Mutharika has also had an audience with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, whose tenure is ending this year.

While in the USA, the African Leadership Magazine honoured him with an award. The UK-based magazine gave the Malawi leader the award for what it said was his exceptional leadership.

At the same event, America’s largest Black Legislative Caucus, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus also presented a certificate to salute Mutharika for his statesmanship.

“We seem to have problems being recognized in our country, but outside people speak highly of us,” he said.

The First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika has also fulfilled several engagements on the sidelines of UNGA.

She attended an event for the girl-child where she was the only African First Lady invited. She addressed the audience, among who was America’s First Lady Michelle Obama, who was the guest of honour.

Madam Mutharika also attended a meeting for the Organization of African First Ladies against Aids (OAFLA), of which she is vice president.

President Mutharika said despite challenges the country was facing, it was making progress in many areas, citing the health sector as one area for which the country had earned praise.

He said Malawi was the only country on the continent that had registered tremendous progress in the fight against HIV and AIDS with its interventions. (From Gospel Mwalwanda in New York, USA)

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  1. Peter Watsopano Wyson   September 26, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    We Need To Change Our Mindset Malawians, Let Us Join Hands With Our President And Be Optmistic In Developing Our National, Thanx Mr President For Tremendous Job U Have Done So Far


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