MTL Installs 8 Core High Fibre Optic Facility At Bingu stadium

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) has installed an eight core high fibre optic facility for telecommunications at the newly built Bingu national stadium. The equipment is of high quality and international standard that will link the stadium with internet and other facilities to the outside world, according to MTL.

The acting Chief Executive Officer for MTL Gladson Kuyeri said the ICT facility has a multi faced purpose that will enable the stadium to connect banks, mobile companies, radio and television stations or big screens outside the stadium when events are taking place. Kuyeri said this eight core fibre optic has a backbone of the sea connectivity which gives it a high speed and efficiency for operation in the country or abroad.

“We have installed 200 points of internet, 32 points that can connect banks at a highest speed and even other mobile companies to keep the facility up to standard when it comes to ICT services,” said Kuyeri.

The Minister of Labour Henry Mussa said this is advanced technology and expressed gratitude and appreciation to MTL for installing the eight core optic cable that will link the entire nation to the stadium.

“My humble duty is to see to it that the facilities are working properly and being taken care of. The management of the facility should ensure that there is maximum security to safeguard this equipment that has cost government a lot of money,” said the Minister.

Mussa further reminded Malawians that the facility is a loan that Malawi government has taken from the Peoples Republic of China.

“Malawi has invested a lot of money in the stadium and every citizen should be a policeman or policewoman, when you see anybody vandalising the facility report them to the authorities. This is what our President Professor Mutharika has been talking about for everyone to be patriotic. No patriotic citizen can vandalise a facility like this which is our pride,” pleaded Mussa.

He also called for more concerted efforts in caring for the facility saying the place does not belong to one sector of the nation.

The eight core fibre optic facility has cost government K78 million. MTL which is a government institution and a biggest ICT provider in the country will be managing the technology. (Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu)

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