Msonda Brands Prophet Bushiri’s Errand Boy Primitive, Uncivilized

Bushiri: Wishes APM dead
Bushiri: Wishes APM dead

Malawi’s Veteran Politician, who is also former opposition Peoples Party (PP) Publicity Secretary Kenneth Msonda on Wednesday, stormed the social media dressing down Prophet Bushiri’s errand boy Kelvin Sulugwe for spreading false news.

Malawi Punch – an online publication funded by Bushiri and managed by Sulugwe- has been publishing false stories saying President Peter Mutharika is ill in United States Of America.

Reacting to the rumors Msonda, a devoted Christian said that it is against African tradition and culture to wish someone poor health or dead. He also said that freedom of speech, opinion, expression comes with responsibility and maturity.

“ No matter how bad you hate a person it is being inhuman and not in line with our tradition and cultural values as peace loving Malawians to wish someone poor health or dead. To spread lies that our head of state is unwell or possibly dead is a display of uncivilized, undemocratic and primitive politics,” said Msonda.

President Peter Mutharika who is enjoying very good and robust health will return home this Sunday from the United States of America where he attended the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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  1. Fortune Kachingwe   October 15, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Mr Msonda when did it occur to you that wishing someone poor healthor dead it is against african tradition… How many time have you wish our president poor health you hypocrite


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