Mozambican National Dies After Taking Beer On Empty Stomach

A 26year old Mozambican national died over the weekend in Mchinji after drinking a locally distilled alcoholic spirit, popularly known as Kachasu, on an empty stomach.

Police have confirmed the incident saying the deceased came into the country with a friend for a drinking spree.

According to Mchinji Police Station Public Relations Officer, Inspector Kaitano Lubrino, the two arrived into Chimombo village in the area of traditional Authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji where they drunk Kachasu till midnight without taking any food.

“The same night the two organized themselves to go back home in Mozambique,” he said.

“Due to heavy intoxication they failed to safely cycle back home instead they slept along Mtukwa–Mozambique Earth Road within Gulawe Village in the same traditional authority,” said Lubrino.

Lubrino added that the following morning, some community members were surprised to find the two Mozambican nationals sleeping along the road.

He said the community members tried to wake the strangers up only to discover that one of them, identified as Pilirani Levison (26), was already dead.

Lubrino added that postmortem examination conducted at Mchinji District Hospital established that death occurred due to low levels of blood glucose as a result of excessive Kachasu drinking on an empty berry.

Meanwhile Mchinji Police Station is appealing to the general public, mainly those who take alcohol, to drink responsibly in order to avoid similar incidents.

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