Miss BT ‘Comes Alive’ At Katsonga’s Youth Conference

Miss Bt poses with delegates

Last Saturday Miss Blantyre Hannah Mhone and first Princess Myrah Khoza attended the Come Alive Conference at City Pentecostal in Blantyre organised by Yolanda Katsonga-Phiri. This came amidst missing another invitation for a youth festival in Salima on the same day. In a true Queen’s spirit, Miss Blantyre was all praises for the Come Alive Conference hailing the depth of the teachings and discussion topics. This Conference, which was Christian, aimed at helping youth aged 13 to 35 identify themselves and make best life decisions including giving their lives to Christ.

Our Thoughts Mirror Our Actions is one of the most exciting and educative topics which highlights people becoming mostly a product of thoughts and choices” Said Mhone.

Event in progress

During the conference, speakers, local and international led a panel discussion that shaped a spirit-filled framework of mind to help transform young people into soldiers of Christ and responsible citizens of their societies.

During the conference, participants were allowed to ask any life questions which they had problems with and required Christian mentorship and help. One of the most interesting topics had to do with being African and being a Christian. Tackling this question, Pastor Francis of City Pentecostal alluded to the need for people to realize that Christ is first regardless of whatever culture they have, being African or not. If there is anything African or Malawian that is against Christ, it is not worth pursuing. The same way, if something in our African culture adds value to our faith and service to Christ, they why not go for it?

Miss BT and her Princess

The conference started at 9am and ended around 5 o’clock in the evening. During the breaks, a guest band of youth blessed the conference with worship music. The conference however attracted a moderate crowd against the expectation of the organisers.

About the numbers, Miss Blantyre Chairman Daniel Ngwira who was also in attendance said the conference is still growing and this year has set a high standard for the future and that considering what was covered and learnt on the day, it would be more than fair to say the numbers were satisfactory and that those who didn’t make it missed out a great deal.

“I look at the bigger picture and the conference managed to succeed to plan. Over and above, it’s growing, futuristic and sets the bar extremely high for 2018 and we pray to also be part and parcel” Said Ngwira.

Katsonga: Thanked The Delegates

Conference organiser Yolanda Katsonga-Phiri thanked all delegates for the attendance. Speaking as a host, she acknowledged the commitment level from the panelists some of whom traveled from outside the country.

The conference started in the year 2015 as an annual event aimed at uplifting the youth in Christ in their spiritual warfare. Katsonga dreams to host this conference in a big stadium and attract crowds to celebrate and learn Jesus together. Her dream lives.

Miss Blantyre lobbies for education among girls and believes by being part of this activity, she both learns and sets an example on which practices are best for the youth in Blantyre and Malawi at large.

Relaxing During Break

The conference was founded in 2012 after strides in a radio show on Capital FM which Katsonga used to host.

Later, through God’s voice she founded the Come Alive conference as a testimony to spread the gospel and impart knowledge of the word differently and with a higher purpose.

According to Katsonga, the major challenge in putting up the conference is funding.

Miss Bt poses with delegates


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