Misguided Soja Lucius Banda Accused Of Being Lost In ‘Amalume Academy’ School Of Thought

Lucius Banda And His Sponsor Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Of DePeCo

There is a scornful comment on facebook for Member of Parliament Lucius Banda for his wandering lonely in the wilderness of ‘Amalume Academy’ of Sosola village in Balaka.

In a statement reacting to President Peter Mutharika’s assertion that the working partnership between DPP and UDF is in a good shape and has a promising future, Lucius reacted arguing that there is no signed legal document for the two parties to work together.

According to his studies from the law school of the academy of his village, “such a relationship even though it is there, it does not exist.” In other words, put musically as is Banda career, the partnership both exists and does not exist.

His comment has attracted a rejoinder from a Facebook observer who writes:

“Lucius Banda is a very interesting person; alternatively gifted with alternative knowledge of which he says is not taught in the law schools that Atu and APM went to, it is from his Amalume Academy in Sosola village in Balaka.

Lucius Banda And DePeCo Members At ECG Headquarters In South Africa

“He says that he is a leader of UDF in parliament and as a leader, he has not seen a legal signed document that should show him that the rest of the UDF MPs do formally sit on the government side in parliament and that they are hands on serving Malawians alongside the DPP government.

“As far as he is concerned, even though he wrote the speaker of parliament to exclude him from the list of UDF MPs joining the government side, the Sosola Amalume Academy doesn’t teach such as a working relationship. Nope!!! It has to have a signed document of which he, as leader of UDF in parliament seating solo on the opposition side led by Dr Laz has to see.

“The other time Soja was also on the case of educated people in Malawi accusing them of being taught how to steal in university. Upon being reminded about the MSCE certificate that he stole himself which ended with him being imprisoned, Soja said stealing a certificate is okay because it does not make a nation poor,” reads the post by Mike Banda

And another analyst Mac Tembo had this to say: “Hon Lucius Banda must understand that not all binding agreements need to be in writing. One can choose to have a wedding officiated at a church with all necessary documents. the other can just choose to start cohabiting with a woman mkumabeleka ana zaka mkumapita impliedly onse ndi okwatira….

my business law lecturer (Hon Nawena) once told me that an implied contract is an agreement created by actions of the parties involved, but it is not written or spoken. This is a contract assumed to have been drawn. In this case, there is no written record nor any actual verbal agreement.”

Lucius stole his way into Parliament in 2004 when he used a fake MSCE certificate which he submitted to MEC to prove his eligibility to stand. It was later discovered he had lied his way to Parliament and he got jailed for his crime. (By Jack Banda)

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