Misa Malawi Succumbs To Theresa Ndanga’s Rigging…Tells Journos Outside LL To Meet Their Own Costs For June 3 Polls

Journalists Marching before the failed polls
Media Institute of Southern Africa Malawi Chapter (Misa Malawi) has succumbed to the rigging ploy masterminded by Tereza Ndanga who is one of the two candidates for the position of chairperson in Misa Malawi elections.

Misa Malawi failed to hold elections for the National Governing Council on May 6 in Lilongwe after Ndanga and the other candidate Frank Phiri and their respective supporters disagreed on some names on the voters roll.

Ndanga had paid Misa Malawi membership fees for people who are not even journalists but working at Zodiak Broadcasting Station where she is director of news. And haunted by her action, she was suspicious that her rival candidate had done the same and demanded for verification of the voters roll.

She mobilised her team not to allow the elections to take place and her drunken supporters wrecked havoc at the River Side Hotel on Saturday where the annual general meeting was taking place.

She vowed not to participate in the elections forcing Misa NGC to cancel the elections. She was seen dictating Misa NGC.

The NGC had an extraordinary meeting on May 7 where it resolved to conduct the elections on June 3 2017.

“The NGC felt that the postponement was a good decision that was made in the best interest of Misa-Malawi as an institution and the safety of its members, all other people present during the AGM as well as property at the venue ” reads a statement from Misa Malawi released on Monday.

The meeting agreed that while membership subscription and renewal remains open throughout the year, members eligible to vote will only be those that were on the voters’ list by Friday, May 5, 2017 and that contesting candidates will also only be those on the list of contestants during the aborted elections.

The meeting further resolved that due to lack of funds, members to attend the E-AGM will have to meet their own transport, accommodation and other related costs. This means therefore that buses will not be hired nor transport refunds provided as is usually the case.

This decision has not gone down well with many members of the institute who conclude that Misa Malawi is playing to the advantage of Ndanga who is based in Lilongwe and has many supporters there.

“It was clear from the start that Misa NGC was supporting Ndanga. They listened to anything that she said even ordering them to cancel the elections. Phiri is based in Blantyre and providing no transport to journalists to the extraordinary meeting is tantamount to rigging. It will be many of Ndanga’s supporters who will vote. That should not be tolerated,” said one member.

Another member writing on one WhatsApp group suggested that members should vote in their respective regions.

Members from the southern region have warned that they will not accept results of the elections if the NGC decision is implemented.

Misa Malawi has proven itself to be useless and helpless for failing to resolve a small difference that generated into elections crisis.

The media body has become a laughing stock of many including politicians. (
By Mwawihe Mpapa)

13 Responses to "Misa Malawi Succumbs To Theresa Ndanga’s Rigging…Tells Journos Outside LL To Meet Their Own Costs For June 3 Polls"

  1. Wellington Well-zii Phiri   May 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Za ugalu basi…
    Nyasa Big Bullets fc 0-4 Moyale Balacks fc

  2. The Analytical   May 10, 2017 at 12:15 am

    I have the privilege to use the INTERNET, but the task to weigh what is true and sensible remains in my hands….so, as far as i know that Malawi Voice is not a reliable media source, I am automatically and prudently forced not to believe in this trash. I have gone through all the items published by Malawi Voice…there is nowhere where i have seen a balanced News item.

  3. Gift Kalima Sakala   May 10, 2017 at 7:06 am

    I like TTN!She is a very strong woman!Well principled. Had it been most women were like her,we could have a better Malawi.She is even stronger than most men.


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