Mere Propaganda: DPP Denies ‘Hiring’ Bright Msaka As APM’s Running mate In 2019

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Spokesperson, Francis Kasaila has dismissed media reports that the party has hired Minister of Education Science and Technology Bright Msaka as presidential running mate in the upcoming 2019 tripartite elections.

Some media reports have indicated that President Peter Mutharika has settled for Msaka as running mate for the 2019 elections.
Speaking to Malawi News Agency (MANA) at his office in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Kasaila said the DPP constitution is very clear that the presidential torch bearer of the party has their own choices on the running mate.

“The DPP Constitution is quite different from all other political parties. After the convention, the elected presidential candidate now decides who should be the running mate he or she is comfortable with.
“This choice of a running mate is the prerogative of our presidential candidate; just prior to presenting papers to the electoral commission he or she will decide the running mate, therefore, whatever you hear now is false” he said.

He then encouraged all members willing to challenge Mutharika as presidential candidates to democratically contest for the party’s top most position, adding that DPP upholds to democratic principles.

“Presidential candidates are allowed twice. Although the party’s president (Mutharika) has expressed interest on the presidential candidacy in 2019, all positions will be up for grabbing.
“However it is always important for the contestants to weigh themselves looking at the fact that Mutharika has performed extremely excellent during his leadership,” said Kasaila.

The DPP spokesperson said Mutharika successfully dislodged the then government in 2014 despite all sorts of comments that were made to stifle his potential.

The DPP spin doctor told this MANA reporter that his party is not under pressure to go for a convention because the incumbent office bearer’s five year tenure of office are still valid.

He then called upon party followers and those joining now to remain united and work hard in respective positions for DPP to come out victorious in 2019 tripartite elections.
“Time for pulling each other is gone. Divided we fall and united we stand; let’s work hard regardless of having a position in the party or not.
“One cannot only work hard because you hold a position in the party, there are so many ways at all levels of the party structure where members can serve the DPP other than serving at the central office,” he advised.

Kasaila further said DPP is not scared because of the loss during the recent by-elections, saying the by-election results cannot be a true reflection of the outcome in 2019.

He added that the by elections postmortem gave the ruling party areas to improve on, saying that has made DPP stronger than before.

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  1. Anonymous   February 15, 2018 at 8:56 am

    iwe kavotere woziwa kulankhulayo koma ife yathu ndi dpp

  2. Anonymous   February 15, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Maziko amitengo ndoninyama chan chimenecho

  3. Anonymous   February 15, 2018 at 9:04 am


  4. Anonymous   February 15, 2018 at 10:18 am

    Ine Za Dpp Ndilibe Nazo Ntchito, Ine 2019 Ndi Mcp Basi.! I Hate Dpp.

  5. Anonymous   February 15, 2018 at 11:08 am

    Thats nice…DPP is a party wth the most intelligent ppo in Malawi…let it lead….Running a govt is nat an easy thing…we av fuel,drugs,and evrythng we need as human beings…Thumbs up Mutharika!!!…pena zimavuta ofcourse koma timamvetsa munthu nd munthu


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