Media Gurus Mince Daily Times’ over ‘Spot-the-difference’ Slur

Reputable media personalities have taken to the social condemning the Daily Times over its ‘spot-the-difference slur published in Wednesday’s edition of the paper. Ironically, those faulting the Times incuding those that once worked for the country’s oldest paper.

Idriss Ali Nassah

“This is quite disingenuous of The Daily Times. A simple search will reveal numerous photos of MCP youth covered in paint. The Daily Times claims to be fair and balanced. It has to live by that. This is a failure to do what it claims it does, what it should do, and what society expects it to do. The Daily Times should be careful not to become ensnared by one political party into a symbiotic web of political manipulation that misleads the.”

Sovie Pilila Kabungwe

“I agree, this is the lowest point of journalism for the Daily Times. This stuff is for the social media not for a full media house with experienced editors. Someone is furiously lazy……This type of journalism is pretty desperate for a mainstream media. The real definition of the smellest of trash..”

Chananga Junior Jere
“The Daily Times has been reduced to or is being run as some Face Book fighting Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Time’s Editor-In-Chief George Kasakula is MCP, very MCP. Wakhala akunyoza, adakanyozabe mtsogoleri we dziko lino mu program ya Hot Current and people don’t find any problem with the language, tone and scathing remarks that are always directed to the Head of State. If it were MBC doing that, MCP and Kasakula himself would have complained. Times Media Group is advancing the interests of MCP and stopped running stories about leadership squabbles in MCP, giving the squabbles total blackout. Instead, TImes Media Group, through its platfoms (The Daily Times, Malawi News, The Sunday Times, Times radio and Times Tv) is attacking the ruling party. It’s very unfortunate that Management of Times Media Group has allowed the institution to sink so low. Some people have been calling to Macra to deal with MBC over some programming against MCP, but have you ever wondered what would to Hit Current if Macra has to come in? Elsewhere, people have respect for their Head of State, not here in Malawi where George Kasakula and his editorial team is failing to appreciate developments and success stories registered by DPP led government. Western media always unfair adjectives about African African countries, not with their respect countries and Europe as a whole. Lastly, no party can defeat mighty DPP. With Lazarus Chakwera on its helm, MCP will remain in opposition for years. In fact will never rule this nation again.”
Ken Ndanga – a trained journalist and UDF Publicist

“We just have to be fair

The Daily Times has given its readers a raw deal. “The Spot the difference” caption in today’s edition does not tell a fair and balanced story on the ground. I have seen MCP youths in very decent party regalia and seen the same in the DPP camp.
Equally I have also seen some overzealous youth from both camps in paint.
Secondly the class of the two pictures on their front page depicts youths of evidently different classes and can not be compared.
The best they could have done was to do an article that condemns the exploitation of youths by political parties.
This should not be an attack on the Daily Times but demonstration of my personal respect for the Daily Times being the oldest media organisation which has groomed so many professionals on the land.”
Deguzman Adzigude Kaminjolo

“So many ways to skin a cat, everyone chooses a means that works for them. Why should we judge the DPP youth when they paint themelves blue? Why isn’t it a big deal when bullets or nomads supporters smear paint on their skin? Or Brazil or France soccer team supporters when they paint their faces in their national colors? If I have to spot the difference between the two, on the right, I see dedication and loyalty to ones party.On the left I see teenagers who couldn’t resist a selfie opportunity. In 2019, One group here will be swiping on their smartphones updating statuses while the other group braves the queue to actually vote.”

Even poets have voiced their disgust with the Times Media Group

Onjezani Kenani

“Dear Daily Times

Are you have having a slow news day? This is blatantly partisan.

We expect you independent from you.”


Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa

“From a total blackout of MCP squablling to this…….

I can tell Times Group is sitting across the aisle to MBC. Mouthpieces



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  1. Anonymous   February 7, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    mbc mumatikwana nafenso .tv ya Malawi mwaisandutsa kukhala ya chipani.simungaikeko mpira wa bullets ndi wanderaz ai shame on you.

  2. Anonymous   February 7, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Koma imeneyi ma khadeti yakuwawani


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