MCP: A Party Without NEC, The Centre Can No Longer Hold

MCP: A party without NEC
Amid all this chaos and because of it, MCP continues to fall further into the abyss because it does not have NEC.

The absence of NEC means there is neither mechanism nor institution within the party that can provide easily acceptable leadership to resolve the political quagmire. That is the real tragedy of the Malawi Congress Party.

Chakwera dismantled NEC, chasing away those that were the real NEC and were ready to play the game by the rules of the party.

In the end, Chakwera has built around himself a team of 73 members which he calls NEC. That NEC is unconstitutional. The real NEC is not functioning.

So, without a centre, there is no one to hold things from falling apart.

It has become a situation where football players have abandoned the pitch which is well demarcated, has regulations, referees and goal posts opting to play the game on a pitch where boundaries do not exist, where everyone is a referee, where there are no goals and where everyone plays in every position.

This political circus of chaos has only begun.

While Msowoya and Kaliwo want the game to be played on a proper pitch, Chakwera and his followers want to play it on an unorganized pitch.

This bloody crisis in MCP could be in its early stages!

Then there is Mia the business magnet who bought the whole president of the party and is now working underground to steal the party from its veterans. The voters are watching, bewildered. This political tragedy reads like a comedy, but a comedy that will end in tears again!

43 Responses to "MCP: A Party Without NEC, The Centre Can No Longer Hold"

  1. Chiyanjano Phiri   January 18, 2018 at 5:07 am

    Deal ndikumaka molimba.kuthamanga zenizeni pa town. Osamangobwebweta ndizandale. Enanu mungoti president salibwino. Chonsecho mwakhara town muno . nthawi ya UDF
    Nthawi ya Bingu
    Nthawi ya PP yamayi
    Nthawi ya peter wamuthalika. Maboma onsewo palibe chomwe mwapangapo cholozeka kuanthu. Koma daery kutukwana boma. Kumangoti bola aku eee bola akuti.
    Anzanu ena boma mukuti lovutari. Zawo zikuwayendera. Ndikakhara ine zanuzo sizimandikhuza ndimangoyang’ana kuti kukacha ndikathamange pa town. Kuti ndikwaninse kusamala family yanga


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