MCP 2019 Candidate Bribes Police To Secure Bail For A Rwandan Murder Suspect

Bango: Implicated

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Kasungu North shadow member of Parliament Mike Bango has successfully managed to buy freedom for his ‘friend’ Emmanuel Sekanawo a Rwandan national who was in police custody at Lilongwe police station.

Sekanawo 33, according to police occurrence book (OB) hails from Thiwatiwa Village Traditional Authority Kalonga in Salima was arrested on Thursday October 4.2018.

He was charged with conspiracy to commit felony.

Ironically, Sekanawo is on bail which the Lilongwe High Court granted in January this year on attempted murder case.

Before his re-arrest, Sekanao together with Dezire Bintuari were answering to causing grievous harm and wounding charges for allegedly shooting a businessperson Vincent Niyongira in Salima on July 10 last year.

While in custody, Bango who claims to be a family friends with the suspect was seen are the Lilongwe police station every day from Monday to Friday knocking on door to another pleading for police bail but all in vain.

The renowned Sports journalists engaged the services of Lawyers Gilbert Khonyonga who coincidentally is representing Sekanawo in the first case.

“Bango has been coming here in the company of Lawyer Khonyongwa claiming he is a family friends with the suspect but as far as the law is concerned, we never thought they would succeed because the suspect was also arrested on an attempt on the life of the same person, so we ruled out a possibility of a police bail, even a court bail was a non starter.’’

“When such a scenario arisen, the suspect is taken to court in order to be committed on remand to prison, but we are confused to hear that he has been given a police bail,’’ our close to the case lamented.

Nyondo: Playing underground

Sekanawo was re-arrested after the police got a tip from a good citizen that he organized a gang to shot Niyongira along the Salima-Lilongwe road on his way back from the capital city where he went to orders merchandizes for his shop.

Our independent investigations reveal that Bango has bribed Regional Prosecutions Officer (RPO) Senior Superintendent of Police Cecelia Zangazanga to secure the dubious bail.

Zangazanga used all tricks in her book to assist Sekanawo escape comitial to Maula prison.

At first she seemed not prepared for the cases while buying time a development that should justify a police bail.

Sekanawo walked to freedom from police custody on Thursday October 11, 2018 probably becoming one of very rare breed to have two bails within a period of nine months on a very similar case.

Sekanawo’s elder brother Joseph who was also arrested by Salima police in the first case was from police cells by the then Central Region Commissioner then John Nyondo.

Niyongira is a naturalized Malawian of Rwandan origin.





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