Mangochi Youths Celebrate The Coming Of Technical College…Thousands Apply

Flashback: APM opening Ngala Technical College some months ago

District Commissioner (DC) for Mangochi James Manyetera says the district has received an overwhelming response of youth applications to be admitted into the Mangochi Community Technical College expected to open its doors late next month.
Speaking in an interview with the Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday, Manyetera said government has embarked on a project of constructing community technical colleges across the country with the aim of addressing unemployment among the most productive age group of the youth.
“Just a few days after posting adverts for the admission to the technical college, the district labour office was already flooded with a lot of MSCE holders which is a clear indication that the unemployment rate in the district is high,” he said.
According to Manyetera, 160 candidates will be selected for the first cohort this year alone, a development that will help reduce the high levels of unemployment.
Manyetera said the program will transfer skills to the young generations of Malawi and also create employment because it is assuring that once the young people acquire the skills, they will venture into different types of technical and entrepreneurial jobs.
He said though such undertakings, the graduates will also create employment to other fellow youths besides transferring some of the skills thereby contributing to the district’s social economic growth.
“The college, once opened will offer eight programs and will also target youths of ages between 18 and 30 with MSCE and young men with Junior Certificate of Education (JCE),” he said.
One of the interesting skills that has been included at Mangochi Technical College is motor cycle mechanics considering that most people in the district earn a living from fishing whose boats use engines similar to those of a motor cycle.
The DC disclosed that most applicants have already expressed interest to acquire skills in motor cycle mechanics.
Manyetera expressed optimism that by the end of six years, unemployment will be a thing of the past in the district because more young people will be joining the skills centre and consequently attain economic self – reliance.
Mangochi has another vocational skills center at Malindi Community Skills Centre which is expected to work in unison with the new technical college. (By Marvelous Zinga, Mangochi, February 16, Mana)

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  1. Omar Amon Phiri   February 17, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    He is bluffing.


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