Mangochi endorses Mutharika

Julius Pipe: Expect more from APM

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Eastern Region Governor Julius Pipe has thanked the people of Makanjira for showing their unwavering support to President Peter Mutharika ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections.

Pipe was speaking in Mangochi on Wednesday when he held a political rally at Mpiripiri ground which was also attended by Member of Parliament for the area Benedicto Chambo and another DPP MP for Mangochi West Geoffrey Chiwondo among other DPP National Executive members.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters that attended the rally, Pipe expresses his gratitude to the people for coming out in large number, something which he said is an indication that Mangochi is now the home of the ruling DPP.

He explains to the people that President Peter Mutharika has lined up a number infrastructure development for the people of Makanjira to help them start enjoying the social economic development happening in Malawi.

He cited the issue of potable water, roads, schools and hospitals as some of the things which the president has done to uplift people’s lives in the area.

Speaking at the same meeting, senior group village Malamia thanked the DPP government led by President Mutharika for upgrading the Makanjira health Center to a community hospital.

Malamia say the development will help his people to stop travelling long distances to access quality health services in Mangochi.

In his remarks, Member of Parliament for the area Benedicto Chambo said people in the area should continue offering support to president Mutharka because he has already proved that he has the well-fair of the people of Makanjira at heart.

Chambo mentions the approving of the Mangochi Makanjira road as one of the major things which proves that Mutharika wants to uplift Makanjira.

Before the rally, Pipe and the other party officials interacted with Makanjira chiefs who also pleaded their support to the ruling DPP.


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  1. #DzukaniAmalawi   April 5, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Julius Pipe: Expect more from APM. Really? Maybe expect more money into his pockets, yes!


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