Malawi’s Longest Bridge Chapananga To Be opened Next week-APM

Chapananga Bridge: To be opened soon

People of Chikwawa can now afford a smile as the long awaited 180 metre long Chapananga Bridge will be opened next week, it has been announced.

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika disclosed this on Friday upon his arrival in Blantyre.

He also outlined his government’s development plans to a thunderous welcome at Sanjika Palace grounds.

“We are committed to infrastructural development of this country as such I will open the long awaited Chapananga Bridge next week which happens to be the longest ever in the counrty,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika also revealed that government has secured a total of $36 million for the construction of a 93 kilometres Mpemba-Lunzu-Mapanga-Mzedi-Namiyango-Chigumula ring-road, saying construction of the first 33 kilometres of the road would start soon.

“We are committed to completing all the development projects soon. The Zomba-Jali-Chitakale Road will soon be completed and open to traffic,” he added.

On reducing poverty, Mutharika said government has already secured money from the European Investment Bank and Japan for the establishment of an Investment Bank where people will be getting loans at reasonable interest rates.

“We will soon start giving out loans to women, men and the youth. Farmers will just need to organise themselves in cooperatives. The youth will just need to come up with viable business plans and we will be able to provide them with the loans.

“This is on top of the social cash transfer programme which provides money to ultra-poor households in all districts across the country whose primary objective is to ensure children go to school,” said

On health, Mutharika said that the long awaited National Cancer Centre whose construction is currently at 80 percent would be opened between January and February next year.

“This will be Malawi’s first ever cancer centre and we also plan to construct another in Blantyre,” said the Malawi leader.

On reducing power outages, Mutharika said:

“In fact, on Monday next week, we are doing a ground breaking for the construction of the 60 megawatts solar power project in Salima

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