Malawi’s First Lady Dr Gertrude Mutharika Drums Up Support For Children Welfare, Visit Good Samaritan Children’s Home

Malawi’s First Lady Madame Dr. Gertrude Mutharika, has launched an appeal to all Malawians to support charity activities aimed at supporting the welfare of children including orphans in the country.

Madame Mutharika made the appeal on Friday when she visited and cheered children being kept at Good Samaritan Children’s Home in Blantyre.

The First Lady visited the facility following now 13 year old Francis Makwerani the physically challenged boy from Chileka whose plight got the her attention through MBC’s Reach Out and Touch Programme.

The First Lady said she is impressed with the work, the care and the love that Good Samaritan children’s home is providing to the children.

“They are not only giving these children love and care but they are giving hope to communities they are coming from and the nation at large I am very happy. Please keep up the good work,” said  Madam Mutharika.

Madam Mutharika then appealed to Malawians need to develop a high sense of responsibility towards the less privileged in the society to make Malawi better for everyone.

She hailed MBC and its Reach Out and Touch for exposing the plight of Francis Makwerani and others who are disadvantaged in the society.

13 year old Francis who is physically challenged is now walking was brought at the centre on a wheel chair in 2015 following a directive by the First Lady.

During the visit Madam Mutharika donated various food items including bags of maize, rice, sugar, salt, orange sobo squash, washing and bathing soap, at the centre.

Up to 121 children from as young as six months are kept at  Good Samaritan Children’s home.

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