Malawi’s Cashgate: Kalonga Implicates Paul Mphwiyo, Joyce Banda

A Product of Cashgate

Paul Mphwiyo has been implicated to have lured Leonard Kalonga, a former assistant director in the Ministry of Tourism, who was convicted over Cashgate corruption scandal, according to testimonies in court.

This is contrary to claims by former President Joyce Banda saying Mpwiyo’s assassination attempt was because he knew of massive plunder of state coffers which he was to expose.

Kalonga told the High Court in Lilongwe presided by Justice Esmie Chombo that he knew some of the accused persons personally as friends before the cashgate issue while others he came to know them due to the cashgate scheme.

“While working with the ministry of tourism, I had a friend who I had known for some time after we developed a friendship as he had bought me few cars from my business; his name was Mr. Makina who was working at the accountant general office.

“In April 2013, he was in diplomatic posting going to Harare , as a friend I escorted him to the airport and while chatting there, I kept envying him for the lucky as everyone in those days envy to work in diplomatic mission. It was through this chat that he said I can introduce to you to the people who matter in government for you to excel in your career as well as if you want to cherish the dreams of being posted to diplomatic mission.

“I remember he made a call to this top official whilst I was there unfortunately he didn’t pick the call but he just sent a text message telling me he will call me but in case he doesn’t, he gave me his number without a name, the number is in one of my phone in custody of ACB (Anti Corruption Bureau) but I can recall it had more 3s,” Karonga narrated to the court Kalonga

According to Kalonga after he got home he called the number and the gentleman agreed with him to meet the same week Saturday at Total filling station along Ufulu Gardens lodge behind the Petroda filing station which was opposite Area 30 police at 9am.

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    Mukufuna kuchita divert people’s minds from maize gate

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    What have you told us in this story? Useless reporting.


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