Malawian Women Apologise To Mutharika

Kaliati, Callista:Under Fire

Malawian women have apologised to President Peter Mutharika for the insults and castigations he received from former first lady Callista Chapola and former Democratic Progressive Party director of women Patricia Kaliati.

The two women have been insulting, castigating and despising the President calling him “Mtchona” at United Transformation Movement rallies.

But speaking on behalf of Malawian women, Minister of Gender, Dr. Jean Kalilani, said Malawian women were apologising to the President for the insults from the two foul mouthed women.

Kalilani gave the apology on Tuesday at Mponela 2 Primary School in Dowa when Mutharika launched the 500 Malawian Villages Satellite TV project.

Kalilani said the behaviour of the two women was unMalawian.

“Malawian women are well behaved. Some women are drunkards and they show behaviour which is not Malawian. How can a sister in law describe brother in law ‘Mtchona’?. Your Excellency, on behalf of Malawian women, I would like to apologise to you for such sentiments coming from women,” said Kalilani.

Meanwhile, UTM, has banned Callista and Kaliati from speaking at its rallies because the movement is embarrassed.

Kaliati is secretary general of the movement and member of parliament for Mulanje West.

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