Malawian Sheikh Urges Muslims To Vote For Mutharika In 2019

Muslims in the country have been urged to vote for President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party in 2019 elections.

Speaking at the opening of this year’s Ijtimah at Biwi in Lilongwe, Sheikh Saleem Banda said in his keynote address said Muslims will vote for Mutharika because he is developing the country and that he is always with them.

Banda said other leaders in the country are just jealous of Mutharika hence their continuous attack on the president.

“If you do nothing those people will not say anything. But if you do something those people will attack you Your Excellency because they know that you are doing things better and they are not happy because they want themselves to be the ones doing better,” said Banda urging Muslims in the country to give their support to Mutharika.

Sheikh Banda who openly said he will vote for Mutharika in 2019 thanked Mutharika for giving Muslims land in Mangochi for development projects.

“My fellow Muslims, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is always with us. Last year he promised us land in Mangochi and ad I speak now construction works are under way,” he said.

He added: ” We have one leader in this country and we shall give our total support to you Your Excellency.”

Banda also attacked Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera for lacking good manners by attacking the president over black outs.

“A good leader would not attack the president in public but give advice privately,” said Sheikh Banda.
[2:57 AM, 11/4/2017] Deo tnm: Sheikh Banda of Muslim Association of Malawi
[2:57 AM, 11/4/2017] Deo tnm: President Mutharika opened the Ijtimah

76 Responses to "Malawian Sheikh Urges Muslims To Vote For Mutharika In 2019"

  1. Akimu Milanzi   November 6, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Its high time muslims stop being used by politicians.we all know what is good and bad.good leader and bad leader.we know most sheiks are being used by politicians for their personal games

  2. Martha Tadala Mwazani   November 6, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    DDP 2019 boma

  3. Yusuf Bwanali   November 7, 2017 at 4:32 am

    Sheikh Salim Banda ,amakhala ku South Africa sakudziwa mavuto omwe tikukumana nao aMalawi n he have nothing to do with Malawi he only come on Ijtmah.


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