Malawi President Pardons 644 Prisoners As Part Of Xmas Celebrations

Lilongwe, December 22, Mana: His Excellency the President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has pardoned 644 prisoners as part of this year’s Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Wednesday in Lilongwe, said 362 out of the total prisoners that have been pardoned and remitted their sentences are those serving sentence of three years and below.

The Statement pointed out that the President has reduced their sentences by six months.

“The prisoners who have been pardoned and reduced sentences are those who are charged with minor offence and have demonstrated good behavioural reform or are chronically ill,” it reads.

The Statement says the pardon of the 282 prisoners and remission of sentences of 362 by the preside4nt is a symbol of forgiveness during this year’s Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

14 Responses to "Malawi President Pardons 644 Prisoners As Part Of Xmas Celebrations"

  1. Mazoni Diverious   December 23, 2016 at 1:56 am

    that’s 2 much

  2. John Tchuwa   December 23, 2016 at 3:42 am

    Such are times when those who are pardoned are only those connected to the party cohorts,not the ones who deserve it on merit. There is need to publicise such list.

  3. Godfrey Wik Chanza   December 23, 2016 at 3:52 am

    Kodi akaidi omwe akhululukidwa ndi amene aima limodzi ndi apresidentwo chifukwa pachithunzipa sindikuonapo akaidi monga ndimawadziwila uniform yawo

  4. Yammie Potential Dzingo   December 23, 2016 at 3:59 am

    Koma kuyambira nthawi ya kamuzu nyengo ino ma presdent amakhululukira akaidi nde mpaka pano sanathebe nde alipo ambilitu kkkkkkkkk

  5. Nancy China Gwembere   December 23, 2016 at 4:10 am

    Nthawi yabwino akalime


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