Malawi President Mutharika Addresses UN General Assembly: Urges The Global Village To Invest In Africans

President Mutharika addressing UN Assembly

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika addressed the UN General Assembly Wednesday afternoon with a message that focused on investing in African people to realise their potential in both national and global development.

In the speech, President Mutharika zeroed in on the warped view of Africa that usually shapes the image of never-ending strife in the eyes of many people..
“There are many people outside the African continent who choose to focus on its socio-political weaknesses instead of the huge potential of African people. This one sided perception must end,” Mutharika said.

He further said that people realise their full potential if they are treated positively hence the need to promote the spirit of sustainable human collaboration.

The president went on to highlight four areas of promoting inclusive growth in society.

Firstly was the issue of promoting gender, women and youth empowerment as a starting point of nurturing development in communities.

“Development cannot succeed unless it is driven from within. No human community can take off socio-economically without empowering its people,” Mutharika said.

The president also called for a working partnership with key stakeholders in development stating that the well-being of the global society is more assured when countries work in partnerships for development.

“We achieve more within our nations with inclusion of all sectors of society,” he said.

The president further said there was also a need of paying close attention to issues that affect most vulnerable citizens with climate change as one of the issues.

“The suffering caused by climate change everywhere is real. The people who suffer in the tragedies are not just figures and statistics. These are real human souls like anyone here,” he said.

The speech also gave an insight on how the country is eliminating all forms of violence against women, children and people with disability.

The statement ran close to 11 minutes. (By Macneil Kalowekamo – New York, USA
New York, September 21, Mana)

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