Malawi Police Dismiss Mulanje Blood Suckers Rumour

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) would like to emphasize to Malawians in general and Mulanje residents in particular that the blood suckers rumour that resurfaced in Mulanje during the past two weeks ago remains untrue and unfounded.

The Police continue to investigate the issue and nobody has claimed to have fallen victim or brought any tangible evidence to support the rumour.

However, we note with regret that some groupings are bent at instilling fear and panic to communities by fabricating the recent blood sucking rumour in the district.

Kadadzera: Fabricating false or alarming news is a criminal offence punishable by law

In this regard the MPS warns the citizenry that fabricating false or alarming news is a criminal offence punishable by law. The Police condemn, in the strongest terms, such uncivilized rumour mongering behaviour, hence anyone involved in the malpractice will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

The behaviour of these unpatriotic citizens who are fabricating the malicious rumour about blood suckers is uncalled for, as it negatively affects innocent individuals. Remember when those stories were cooked up last year, innocent people were either wounded, killed, or had their property vandalized on mere suspicion that they were the blood suckers or accomplices.

The MPS, therefore, ensures the general public that they are safe and should promptly report to Police any individual or group of people that attempts to instill fear and panic in them. The law enforcers will continue to engage the community to ensure that they are safe and secure.


Senior Superintendent James Kadadzera
Public Relations Officer

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