Makwelero: New Condoms in town

A local pharmaceutical company, Makwelero has introduced new condoms in the country. The condoms called makwelero are in different flavors of Banana, Grape and Strawberry.

Speaking in an interview managing director of Makwelero Victor Kandiado disclosed that distribution for the new condoms is already underway.

“Makwelero condoms are already on the market. We want people to start using our condoms. They are good condoms with flavors which we believe will offer users a variety,” said Kandiado.

Kandiado further disclosed that the condoms are available in fuel service stations, night clubs and pharmacies.

He said the company will soon officially launch the product.

“Makwelero condoms are affordable yet classic. We want to contribute in HIV prevention as well as family planning in the country with our product.” He said.

Kandiado said his company is eyeing the international market with plans to start exporting the condoms to neighboring countries.

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