Lucius Banda’s New Album Is Trash, Quarterbaked & A Rushed Project…No Creativity, Verses Dry & The Choruses Flat

Banda: In a rushed project

Some time ago, there was a program called Hit or Miss on Capital or Power FM that analysed a newly released song and judged it as a brilliant piece or a flop. Listening to Soldier MP’s song that is labelling DPP as being zithumwa leaves me rather disappointed. One thing certain is that when you want to hit a giant like the DPP or APM, you have to dig deeper and strike harder. You must do a thorough homework in preparation. There are some of Soldier’s songs that talked of social ills and attached regimes like Chuma cha Amphawi or Mabala. These were far better by his own standards.

Good songs should be born out of hard labour, this one sounds like a rushed and half baked project. The MP just vents out his anger and frustrations on UDF for ignoring him when he was the one who undermined the party leadership. It’s alleged he wanted a ministerial post alongside AAM in government which sadly didn’t happen. He brings in the maize purchase from Zambia being pursued by ACB, talks of inflation that is going down, and high land and house prices among others. He further laments that foreigners like Asians are doing better than indigenous Malawians.

He may know that most Asian businessmen good work hard, just like the Chinese. We hardly match them hence these people are doing better. Was it not just last week a Malawian with foreigner origin hired the MP to perform at his rally to which the MP acknowledged all over Facebook with glee the business he had been granted, and appreciated that it will go a long way to settle his bills as if parliament stopped paying his bills.

In the song, he hardly proposed any solutions, and forgot he had the legislative function and power that could protect locals and make them thrive. Unlike in Mabala where he was crying while calling for things to get better, in this one he doesn’t give any hope (not that I wanted him to). I searched in vain for creativity in the song, it lacks originality, and I will not be surprised if it doesn’t pass the test of time because I can still play Nthawi, on repeat. The verses are dry and the chorus flat.

To my ears, this is a miss. (Bob Jay)

135 Responses to "Lucius Banda’s New Album Is Trash, Quarterbaked & A Rushed Project…No Creativity, Verses Dry & The Choruses Flat"

  1. nase   July 27, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    ukhalira yolemba zonyazitsa anzako zomwezo your friends are doing fine

  2. Dee Cee Kay   July 27, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    Olimbana ndi soldier ndiye kuti akulimbana ndi dziko la Malawi

  3. Ntchona   July 29, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    One man opinion remain such until all of us have listened to the songs and make our own judgement. I would also call this poor journalistic skills if wanted to

  4. Precious N   August 18, 2017 at 8:03 am

    Lucius Banda is a talented musician and remains a pride for Malawi. I have listened to the song and a number of songs in the new album and contrary to this article, they make alot of sense. He bemoans the UDF for betraying the trust the people had in it. And what does the author of this article mean by saying Lucius does not give any hope and talks empty words in the song? Lucius still remains on the opposition bench in Parliament and did not follow the bandwagon of the other UDF members in parliament. what more commendable thing do we want him to do? I think Lucius has a lot of sense and he himself has walked the talk by being a true and faithful MP in parliament. Big up Soldier.


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