Local Herbal ‘Imbiza’ Rebrands

Some changes have been effected in the locally manufactured herbal medicine well known as Imbiza.

The product will now be known as Imbiza Herbal and not Imbiza Multipurpose Herbal due to some brand restricting taking which has taken place in the Imbiza Herbal Company.

“We would like to inform our valued customers and all Malawians that the product which they have known for long time as Imbiza Multipurpose Herbal has now changed its name and it will now be called Imbiza Herbal. We have just removed the middle name ‘Multipurpose’ following some of the minor changes that have taken place in our brand.” Announced Mr. Wonderful Mpombeza, director of Imbiza Herbal

“Following this change, the sticker on the bottle for the product has also slightly been improved to reflect this name change. Now, the Imbiza Herbal sticker will have some pictures of herbs and fruits just to emphasise that the contents of the product are pure herbs of Malawi which have leaning power for various illnesses.” Added Mpombeza

He further advised the customers that an authentic Imbiza Herbal will now have on every sticker a logo for the International Traditional Medicine Council of Malawi, an institution that licences traditional herbs in the country as well signify that the product can be exported to over 20 countries.

“Please observe these new changes on Imbiza Herbal bottles to protect yourselves from purchasing counterfeit products. He cautioned
“In future the company would like to establish a herbal hospital to help many patients with various problems to get assistance here in Malawi.

Many people with various curable illnesses goes to other countries such as India to get treatment because they still don’t know that Imbiza Herbal can help them. So, this hospital will help many people to get treatment right here in Malawi at low cost. So, Imbiza Herbal is here to support Malawians with our natural grown herbs which have power to treat various illnesses.” Assured Mpombeza

He assured that Imbiza Herbal treats a lot of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, fibroids, arthritis, gout, kidney failure, liver problems, asthma, heart problems, TB, digestive system, stroke, anaemia, chronic wounds, high and low blood pressure among many other illnesses.

He also informed Malawians that Imbiza Herbal is found across the country and its main office is at Kafoteka filing station in Lilongwe.

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