LL Vendors Fight Over Vending Places, Depots Control Fees…Several Injured

Two competing groups of vendors in playing thier trade in Lilongwe on Friday morning fought bittery with pangas and knieves over control of vending places and association minibus depots control fees collection.

The incident happened at Lilongwe Old Council offices and left several of the vendors wounded, others seriously.

A source close to the incident said the bad blood between the two sides started when some members of the, vendors association broke away from thier gruoping and formed a rival association with claim of control of the same market spaces and mini bus terminals. This situation has led to tension among vendors in Lilongwe old town for some time and running battles.

The tension between the two groups has led to vendors and minibus operators in Old Town to stop paying market fees to the city council and minibus route fees as each group claims to the the legitimate receiver of the fees on behalf of the council.

Members of the two sides were on Friday summoned by the city Council for a meeting to resolve thier differences which in turn turned violent.

Both sides of the tension had come to the meeting with dangerous weapons such as pangas knives, axes and picks and a free for all battle ensued when they met face to face.

Several of the vendors are in critical condition in hospital.

The police have arrested some on the vendors while other are on the run

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  1. Aabwino   May 18, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    The article has been rushed through. Please send it for proof reading it has some errors that can be corrected by editing and proof reading.


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