LL South-East Legislator Plans To Support KCH In Cleaning Services

Lilongwe City South legislator, Bantley Namasasu

Lilongwe City South Legislator Lilongwe South-East legislator, Bantley Namasasu said he is set to begin an initiative that will see him and people from his constituency providing free cleaning services at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH).

The legislator, said the voluntary work to commence in the month of March this year as part of supporting  his constituency based referral hospital.

Namasasu disclosed the plan in an interview on Sunday at the hospital after he finished cheering and donating food items and soap to children patients with prolonged illnesses in the Ward B during the visit organised by a group of friends of Balaka and Machinga based in his constituency in Chioko zone.

“Starting from the month of March we will be coming here” he announced, “We want to target children ward and surgical ward, assisting the hospital administration in cleaning and other things”

He said this initiative is a sign of responsibility and patriotism. He said through this noble gesture his constituency intend to assist the hospital as well as Government in ending number of challenges facing the health facility.

“We don’t want always to be asking government to do everything for us but we should also play a part in helping our government. So, starting month of March we will be cleaning the hospital helping the cleaning staff” added Namasasu

He also thanked Friends of Balaka-Machinga who are the citizens from his constituency, for being sensitive to the situation at the KCH through their donation which he said will help to meet numerous needs of patients.

“My reaction is that of great pleasure that they thought to come” and “help in the way they have done.” He expressed and stated that there is great need in “ourselves as citizens of Malawi to come forward and help Government in whatever little we can.”

The Lilongwe based group of friends of Balaka and Machinga districts also known as Balaka and Machinga Family Association has also pledged its continued support to KCH in in the way they can to help ending some of the challenges facing patients at the hospital.

Calvin Matola, Chairperson for the group in Chioko zone said through their visit to the hospital they have appreciated number of challenges including inadequate beds and beddings in the Ward which they would intend to support in future.

He said their association was formed initially to support each other but they decided to help patients at KCH after they had thought of helping others facing numerous challenges particularly those in hospitals.

“We came here with the donation because we felt that we needed to do something that does not only target people from Balaka and Machinga but that unifies us all as Malawians. So, we felt the need to come here, a place where are a lot of fellow Malawians are in dire need of so many things.”

Reacting to the gesture by the association, Mary Mwakawana, nurse in charge of Children Ward B at KCH said “We are very grateful to the Association for thinking about our patients who are in the hospital because it takes a giving heart to think that somebody is in need. So we are very grateful.”

She highlighted that patients in Ward B who are children of ages ranging from 3 to 15 and their guardians face number of challenges particularly food and toiletries because most of them cannot afford such items and the problem is worse among those who overstay in hospital and those coming from surrounding districts that use KCH as their referral hospital as well as those from other regions of the country.

“We have a lot of patients with chronic conditions like TB and cancer. These patients spend a lot of time in wards; like most of them stay over a month, so they exhaust everything they brought from home like food and soap as a result they really struggle to get these things.”

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