Lilongwe Businessman Alfred Gangata Snatches Patricial Kaliati’s Vehicle For Failure To Settle K3million Loan

Kaliati: Cornered

Former cabinet minister and leading pro-Chilima organizer Patricia Kweni Kaliati had a rude awakening on Friday when her white Nissan saloon car was grabbed in broad daylight by businessman Alfred Gangata for an outstanding loan amounting to K3 million.

The Mulanje West parliamentarian has been giving Gangata false promises on repayment of the money but to no avail until the Masters Security firm owner resorted to taking matters into his own hands.

On Friday Gangata stopped Kaliati’s car at Capital Hotel roundabout after which he snatched the keys from the driver. He ordered the driver to report the incident to his boss.

The driver is said to have called Kaliati on the spot and she instructed him to leave the car because she was going to speak to Gangata herself.

Kaliati has accumulated huge loans from loan sharks over the past months as banks have blacklisted her due to being a bad debtor.

It is these loans that forced her to approach President Peter Mutharika for a bail out through government tenders, a proposal the head of state refused to honour.

She then joined a group of disgruntled people who want to settle personal scores with the President through the Chilima movement.

It promises to be a hard time for her in the coming months now that she and her friends are counted out of the DPP structures.

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  1. Nambewe   June 9, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    If she cant run her own personal finances how are we supposed to trust that she and the new party is going to drain the swamp! These people are children! We need serious leaders. Chilima if you think you think the swamp with these people you better wake up very quicklyWhat do you think the first thing that Kaliati would do if she got close to Government money?


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