Lies Have Short Legs, So Does Its Cousin, Cheap Propaganda

There is a piece of cheap propaganda and lies being circulated on WhatsApp about companies that supposedly closed under the DPP.

Let me share the FACTS :-

1. Unilever
Stopped manufacturing around 2012, they still have the distribution office in Malawi. Majority of their staff were from SA and Kenya.

2. Duluxe paint : Was acquired way back.

3. Chemicals and Marketing

4. Protein & Nutrients Co. (Makers of Superstar cooking oil) – a very small insignificant company.

5. Agrifeeds Malawi Ltd : Closed down because they had too much debt they could not pay back.

6. Malawi Distrilleries Ltd : This company manufactures Malawi Gin, which is still at the counters.

7. Indebank : Acquired by National bank.

8. Opportunity Bank: Acquired by FMB

9. MSB : Acquired by FDH Bank

10. Citizen Insurance co: Was liquidated in August 2014

11. Press Agriculture Ltd : Still operational, its headquarters are in Kasungu.

Other FACTS for this cheap propagandist:

* Companies are a legal persona, they are viewed as such in the eyes of the law.
* Political parties do not have any role in decision making of the independent Directors, Shareholders, and qualified(or unqualified) Executives who run these companies.

* While you are at it, please give us stats of the number of companies that have been formed and are succesful in Malawi to date.

* There are many succesful businesses currently running in Malawi today.

* Let me repeat – LIES HAVE SHORT LEGS, AND THE DPP HAS GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH PRIVATE COMPANIES AND HOW THEY OPERATE. Go tell those cheap propagandists, Henry Kachaje and Onezani Kenani – please.

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