Lhomwe Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa Threatens To Hit Back At Kaliati

Ngolongoliwa: Kaliati should still apologise

Paramount chief Ngolongoliwa has warned Interim Secretary General of the disgruntled United Transformation Movement (UTM) Patricia Kaliati of possible retaliation if she continues to verbally assault Lhomwes.

Speaking in an interview at Traditional Authority Juma in Mulanje, the paramount chief noted with concern of continued belittling of Lhomwes by the former Information Minister.
“I have not responded to the insults (by Kaliati), I dint expect such an attack from an honorable woman, but if those (insults) continue, I will respond accordingly.” said the Chief.
Kaliati: Told to apologise

Over 200 traditional leaders under T/A Juma convened to voice out concerns of the hostile behavior against the Lhomwes by Mulanje West parliamentarian.

The development comes after Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe has given a seven day ultimatum to the Kaliati to apologies or face a vigil.

The ultimatum expires this Sunday.

Vice chairperson for Mlalho wa Ahlomwe in the southern region Blessings Makwinja said the vigil is on at Kaliatis’ residence come Sunday if she does not apologies.

Mulli: Kaliati is out of her mind

“Our stand remains, she (Kaliati) apologies for insulting our chiefs and the whole Lhomwe clan or face  vigil at her home by angry Hlomwes, the choice is hers.” He emphasized.

Kaliati is said to have belittled Paramount chief Ngolongoliwa at the launch of UTM at Masintha ground in Lilongwe last weekend.

She also questioned the significance of Lhomwe voting numbers in a general election.

She has so far stuck to her guns that apologizing to Lhomwes does not exist in UTM’s dictionary.
In a related development Kaliati is said to have accused the Chairperson of Mlakho wa Ahlomwe Leston Mulli of sleeping with her daughter.
She apparently made the allegation to Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa who wondered the motive of the claim.
Mr. Leston Mulli has brushed off the assertion saying the interim secretary general of UTM is out of her mind.

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