KIA UPGRADE: Transforming Malawi Through Infrastructure Development

According various commentators it is becoming apparent that President Mutharika‘s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has infrastructure development at heart. After transforming the face of Malawi through multi-million dollar infrastructure development projects across Malawi, they are at it again, this time with the expansion of Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

According to a press release that we have received, government wants to upgrade KIA to standards befitting its name as an International Airport because currently KIA lacks standards worth its name, as there’s only a local terminal and no international terminal. There will also be installation of new equipment such as aircraft surveillance system.

After Malawi got her independence in 1964, there was a plan to have KIA as an international airport so that it could act as Malawi’s gateway to the world, especially when Lilongwe became the new Capital in 1975. Unfortunately this was not realized as KIA, built 1977, was left wanting due to allocation of resources to other priorities by the then ruling party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Thanks to Japan government for joining President Peter Mutharika‘s regime with a K17 billion (3.7 billion Yen) grant to push the KIA dream further as it can go. This Friday will be a historical moment that will add more pomp to the face of Lilongwe and help in facilitating better and smooth transport communication between Malawi and the world.

Trade and industry is also expected to boom as more airlines will come to do business in the country as the project will help KIA accommodate more aircraft capacity when it is completed. The new KIA with state of the art infrastructure will see Malawi becoming one of the major hubs in the region in as far as air transport is concerned.

Preparations Underway

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