Kapita CCAP Prays For All Broken Relationships: Let’s Rebuild Them In 2017

Kapita Church under Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod Sunday said 2017 should be a year of re-building broken trust and relationships in families and workplaces.

The church minister Reverend Christopher Kanyenda made the remark when he launched the congregation’s main theme for 2017 entitled, ‘Re-building the broken walls’ derived from the Holy Bible in the book of Amos 9 verse 11.

“Where has the trust gone? During your marriage vows, you said you will love your spouse till death parts you? Why change now?” he queried.

Trust has been replaced by things like anxiety, anger, insecurity, hatred and fear in both families and workplaces,” noted the reverend as he led the sermon.

Kanyenda told the congregation that the trust and love are lost through lies and double-faced tendencies by some spouses, other family members and workmates.

In some families, he disclosed that a wife or husband is seen wearing a sad face when the news breaks that either of them leaves the home for fieldwork, a thing he described as strange in a Christian family set up.

“Some of you (parents) have lost trust in your children to the extent that you go (to school or bank) to pay school fees on your own because one time your children spent all the money meant for school fees on other things,” said the man of God.

There are broken trust and relationships between parents and their children on money and other related issues. “At first some of you were trustworthy, humble, prayerful, and faithful to God and you have lost such qualities. It is becoming hard to put back all the lost love, glory or relationship to its origin.”

However, he said with God everything is possible as long as the Christians’ relationship with God was re-built, become solid again, love and trust will be restored within families, among workplaces and among neighbours.

“Trust is bedrock of what makes relationship work. It is a fundamental process of love and good relationship. It is time to re-build relationships and trust with our God, within families and workplaces,” Rev. Kanyenda appealed to the gathering.

Preachers from Kapita church in Lilongwe’s area 18 and outside will focus their preaching on the launched 2017 main theme and monthly sub-themes to be provided by the church leadership.

In 2016 the preaching and teaching of the gospel centred on the theme: “Serving God with fear and trembling.” (By Wallace ChipetaLilongwe, January 2, Mana)

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