Kamundi Welcomes The Queens In UK In Style…Donates Netballs And Other Sports Equipment

For noble cause: Kamundi (left) making the donation

UK based Malawi Youth Dream recently donated assorted sporting stuff to the youth of Malawi through coach for the Malawi National Netball Team Mary Waya and some of the team’s senior players.

Speaking when presenting the donations, founder and executive Director of the organization and also a Strategist with DPP (UK) Lewis Saidi Kamundi said the netballs were aimed at promoting the sport at the grassroots level.

The organization sources sponsorship from various organizations and people based in the UK as well as sports equipment, sportswear and educational resources to benefit youths in Malawi.

“To date huge consignments of the said youth equipment and resources have been shipped to different youth communities in Malawi with an aim of encouraging and supporting youths to continue with school and sports activities.” said Kamundi whose organization was formed in 2008.

On her part, Marry Maya said she was pleased with the gesture and thanked Mr Kamundi for being patriotic. She said will work hand in hand with all the NGOs and government to promote the development of netball in the country.

Since its formation Malawi Youth Dream has been giving out sports and education equipment to different primary schools in Mangochi as a primary base with the intention of extending such activities to other districts across the country.

“We also introduced a small project to sponsor children facing real difficulties so that they will be able to fulfil their potential at school and improve their future. We wanted a project that we could commit to long term and really see how our support makes a difference to someone’s life.

“Our aim is to support hard-working children who are in danger of dropping out of school due to difficult family circumstances. We provide essential school items as well as looking at the wider issues that they face that could make it difficult to concentrate at school. For instance, food, shelter, clothing security and other health needs.

“We want to help to rebuild shattered lives of youngsters in Africa as well as keeping kids off the street – and away from HIV/AIDS.” He said.

Malawi is one of the least developed countries in the world – with an alarmingly high drop-out rate at school.

Mr Kamundi said: “We were touched by seeing young boys and girls selling wares on the markets, fishing, standing outside shops, walking aimlessly about, riding bicycles as taxis to earn a living and we wondered why they were on the streets rather than at school.

“We watched football matches at schools and hardly saw any children wearing any kit, let alone boots. The skill we saw on bumpy pitches made us realise these children have untapped talents.

“We believe physical, social and emotional development of children can be improved through the sport and issues that affect the lives of children such as HIV/AIDS and nutrition can be tackled.

“We want to encourage youngsters back into education, and offer them the chance to improve their futures.” Added Kamundi.

For noble cause: Kamundi (left) making the donation

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