Kamlepo Cornered, Was Hiding In Chinyonga

Kamlepo: was reportedly hiding in Chinyonga
Kamlepo: was reportedly hiding in Chinyonga

Outspoken Rumphi East Member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua who was allegedly abducted by unknown people almost a week ago, was actually hiding in Chinyonga, an uptown residential area in Blantyre, Malawi Voice has learnt.

Kalua, who is opposition People’s Party (PP) third vice-president and one of the fierce critics of President Peter Mutharika’s administration, was reported missing by his family after Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and police raided his houses in Blantyre and seized three vehicles for allegedly evading tax.

He was found last Sunday morning at Kwacha roundabout with both his hands and legs tied with ropes. He claimed to have lost his memory but could remember to have been dumped there by unknown kidnappers.

But preliminary police investigations which Malawi Voice is privy to, have revealed that Kalua was actually hiding in Chinyonga which is just some metres away from Kwacha roundabout.

National Police Public Relations Officer, James Kadadzera could not deny or dismiss the information, saying “We will only be able to comment when we have official information. But as media you have a right to investigate the issue.”

The law-enforcers’ investigations further revealed that Kalua had his mobile phone (number withheld) switched off on the Saturday April 29th, 2017 just two days after MRA raided his houses and a day before he obtained a High Court temporal relief from an imminent arrest in connection to the alleged tax evasion issue.

The phone was switched on May 1st, 2017 before going off again until Sunday when he was found at Kwacha roundabout. Ironically, he was found with mobile phones with him, clean-shaven and neatly dressed.

Police who initiated their investigations on Sunday, insist that Kalua faked his kidnap and are considering charging him with giving false information charge.

Said Kadadzera: “We are still investigating him. Once we are done, we will be able to charge him. But currently we have not done so.”

Kalua’s family spokesperson John Mapunda has dismissed the police version as “cheap propaganda.”

MRA on Wednesday April 27th seized Toyota Land Cruiser V8 registration number KA8966 and Mercedes Benz registration number RU5437 from Kalua after a search at his residential houses in Nkolokosa and Namiwawa in Blantyre for allegedly evading customs duties.
One of the vehicles, Mercedes Benz is on International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) wanted list.It was, according to INTERPOL, stolen from South Africa in a shoot-out heist in which one person was killed. The sleek white Mercedes Benz (2014 make) belonged to OUTsurance, and the owner’s former address is 241 Embankment Road, Zwartkop, Centurion in South Africa.
The vehicle’s chassis number is WDD2040222R002072.

Another Kalua’s vehicle which the MRA also seized Jeep-CS 31-MK GP is also suspected to be a stolen car from Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Jeep Cherokee belonged to Ajusu on 12 Olim Parkl, Paulsmit Street, Ravenswood in Boksburg, South Africa. Its chassis number is 1J8HDE8M05Y574370.

Meanwhile, authorities are trying to determine why and how Kamlepo’s Land Cruiser V8 was registered as Nissan Vanette in the Directorate of Road Transport and Safety Services’ MALTIS system while the registration number for the Mercedes Benz RU5437 does not exist in the system.

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  1. Donnie Elias Banda   May 16, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Zaku Area 49, Ku Bwandiro Kuja Munkanena Poyamba Paja Mwasinthaso Nw Its Chinyonga? That’s Total Ignorance And Incompetence! Anthu Akumvereni Ziti? Idiotism @ Its best!!!!

  2. D. Chilapondwa   May 25, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Don’t waste our time Kamlepo with nosence, let alone your crooked behavior. You are too fond of pretending to be too clever, caning, intelegent, dull, stupid, owkward, insane,…the list is endless. You wanted your fellow northerners to help you propagate your stupidity & simpathise with you, so that you don’t face the long arm of the law. Because of your crookedness, the owners of the vehicles you bought might have been killed because if your caningness, what exactly are trying to hide? Just wait….!!?? Idiocy doesn’t bear cleverly.


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