JZU Delivers A Biting Verdict To Chakwera: MCP Has Poor Leadership

Retired long time politician and former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president John Tembo has delivered an indirect dig to Lazarus Chakwera that the opposition party is falling apart because it has poor leadership.

Since 2014, MCP is deeply divided between a faction that seeks to uphold the party’s constitution and its four founding cornerstones and a Chakwera led camp which is flagrantly violating the constitution and disregrading the four cornerstones

According to Zodiak Broadcasting Station which interviewd him for its Cruise Five program, Tembo said the endless disagreements in the parry were due to inexperienced leadership.

He said its current leaders lack proper knowledge of politics.

Chakwera quit the pulpit of Malawi Assemblies of God and assumed the leadership of the party in 2013.

Tembo said he was disappointed to see divisions worsening in the party even after the new leaders in party had consulted him for his advice.

He warned the party is heading for a mighty crash unless its leadership submit fully to the party’s four cornerstones of unity, loyalty, obedience and discipline.

At the time Chakwera took over, Tembo had just retired from leading the party.

Since losing elections in 2014, MCP has been rocked in endless infighting as Chakwera has sought to surround himself with sycophants and bootlickers such as Eisenhower Mkaka and Sam Kawale.

To achieve his mission, he has successfully booted out of the NEC senior people such as deputy president Richard Msowoya, secretary general Gustave Kaliwo, publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila, treasurer Tony Kandiero, Chatinkha Chidzanja and Felix Jumbe. These are the legitimate members of the NEC who have been standing up against Chakwera’s decisions.

These have since vowed they will continue fighting until they have rescued the party from what they call “a bunch of opportunistic people”.

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  1. Novida   January 22, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Ma members a Lilongwe Congress Party, pliz takomentani apa.


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